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Dedica EC680- not quite right

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I’ve had my EC680 for a little while now but have always used pre ground espresso.


ive been reading the forum for a good few days and have been trying to see how I can get the best out of the machine.


I understand that it’s a very basic machine so I'm not expecting miracles. My next purchase is a decent grinder, such as an Iberital MC2 and then a potential machine upgrade to a Gaggia or similar.


as it stands I get a rather bitter tasting espresso which isn’t as thick as I’d like.


Would this be down to bean and grind or would you say that the machine is just isn’t man enough or incorrect temperature settings? I didn’t really want to faff about with it if it’s not up to par to start with



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I would say sell the machine for whatever you can get for it on Facebook or Ebay. You can get unpressurised smaller baskets to fit this type of machine but working with them is hard (harder to tamp smaller baskets). You'll need a tamper to fit the basket as well so you're looking at a £40+ investment to improve a machine that still won't really be capable of making a decent espresso -- it will either get too hot or not hot enough, and fluctuate through the shot, and then you've got to deal with the pressure likely being too high. When you upgrade to a machine with commercial baskets like the gaggia classic you will be stuck with a tamper that's useles


An Iberital MC2 will grind coffee but believe me it is not a decent grinder at all. I moved from that to a Mignon which was a million times better, then from there to an E8 which was a lot better still. I used a Lido E for a while and got a Pharos last year which I've been using since. I would say don't be afraid of hand grinding, especially when just starting out as it's a lower investment that you can mostly recoup selling second hand. You can find used OE Pharos grinders for less than £200 that you'll be able to sell on for just as much or more should you want to; the Lido E is definitely not a bad option either (to name just two good hand grinders).


See if you can get a used Gaggia Classic from the forum or ebay. Look for modified machines with PIDs and other upgrades.


Your bitter, thin espresso will be due to using stale pre-ground coffee. It will also likely be due to operator error (not distributing and tamping, not weighing coffee in and espresso out to ensure it doesn't run too long). And the machine is not helping matters...haven't even mentioned pressurised baskets or cleaning the 'group' yet.


You could also go the tried and tested route of all masochists and get yourself a shiny La Pavoni lever. Fond memories. Burning myself on the exposed boiler. Pulling muscles in my arm. Stabbing myself with picks when trying to yank out the shower screen gasket to perform some basic maintenance. Pulling the espresso at the same precise time after turning the machine on every morning and letting it cool for a precise time until the afternoon. Ahhh the memories. 4 years on and my right arm is still twice the size of my left, but at least the callous on the palm of my hand has gone.


ACS Minima (Beta) with Bianca Paddle -- Reskinned Ceado E8, Niche Zero --- Gene Cafe CBR101 with Dimmer Mod and Bean Mass Probe

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Wow, thanks for the advice, that’s all really helpful.


i have been looking at a few Gaggias on eBay and I think it’s time to bin off my old machine.


This espresso game is more in depth than I ever thought!

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Way more in depth. Let me know if you want the link to the Pharos I've seen.

ACS Minima (Beta) with Bianca Paddle -- Reskinned Ceado E8, Niche Zero --- Gene Cafe CBR101 with Dimmer Mod and Bean Mass Probe

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