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New Ceado E37SD Single-dose Grinder

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@RobTheCoffeeDrinker I'm only pulling your leg 😁, they have different variations of name and attractive pricing...many people get caught out. It's always well worth asking for a recommendation on here...or use one of our advertisers. In the past cafeitalia has been an advertiser on here (temporarily), not my doing. However, there are certain companies, I would discourage from advertising on here...I'd actually refuse to place the advert, then it would be up to the owner to overrule me....which has not happened yet.

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I don’t like – Sticks and Stones, beans that are sour, green…or rancid (horrible). Quakers hide until you roast them, then they scream out at you in the cooling tray, pick em out and flick them in the bin.. Lifes too short for bad coffee!

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So, I got one of these and I thought I'd post my first impressions.... Ugly it is, this grinder is no Monolith in that respect, but it is really solid. It is quite messy to grind straight into th

I got the SD two weeks ago and I am very happy with it. For my medium and dark roasts the SD for me is better than the EK43 with espresso burrs. Nearly no retention. 18g with WDT in 17,6g out.

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@DavecUK :p yes I probably should have asked first, since there may well be suppliers of it more locally with known good after-sales. Sadly Bella Barista don't sell them. OTOH, I hate asking for advice and then not taking it; and not all my decisions are entirely rational :D

I feel like I owe this thread something more on-topic:

Made a dozen or so shots over the weekend. I had exactly one fast shot that spooked me into grinding finer so I then got a too slow shot; probably I just had bad distribution. Put it back to the original setting and things went back to normal.

Distribution is something I am working on: shots are coming out donut-like quite often. It's not a huge effect but it's there. I don't think I can blame it on the grinder too much; I was not paying much attention to this when I had the Vario. At some point I might try more of a direct comparison between Vario and E37SD.

Anyway, apart from those two dodgy shots I am getting consistent results over a few days with no fiddling with grind settings. Coffee tastes good to me, but I am not an expert taster. I am starting to feel confident that if the grind is consistent then fiddling around with other variables will be worthwhile and I might start to learn how they affect taste. Shot-to-shot seemed much more random before with the Vario.

At some point I'll try grinding for Chemex and possibly other experiments and will report back if I notice anything interesting.

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On 22/03/2021 at 09:06, Morrrrrissss said:

Just received delivery of a e37s last week. I also have a Fellow Ode I've been using for pour over and a Helor hand grinder for espresso. My intention was to use one setup in the office and one at home and bought the e37 because it seemed like it could be switched easily between espresso and pour over (by engaging and disengaging the worm gear). I had zero expectation that the coffee would taste different. 

I have since been completely blown away. Pour over coffee from the e37s tastes immeasurably better from than the Ode. Achieving consistency for Espresso is of course infinitely easier than with a hand grinder. Switching between the two on the e37s is great. Now it is to the point I feel like I want to replace the Ode set up....

Having said that, apart from taste, the Ode is better in every other way. It's smaller and doesn't weigh a ton. Looks much nicer (Ceado looks nice in photos but in reality looks like a mutant Cuisinart device that didn't make it out of development - the bellow never quite stands up straight). Has an auto stop that actually miss. Much better grind collecting setup. The e37s' cup/fork/portafilter adapter setup is just all clunky with lots of loose parts. Of course the Ode is also much much cheaper. 

The Ode retains almost nothing and the knocking mechanism (needs a couple thwack) gets the chaff out nicely minimizing mess. The e37 retains alot of grind but it all comes out with a couple pumps of the bellow during grinding. So result is the same although the solution is less elegant. 

The least satisfying part of the Ceado is it sprays chaff everywhere, even after wetting beans (which I don't need to do with Ode). An annoying amount of chaff also sticks to the chute even after pumping the bellows. 

In short, the grind adjustment is both super precise and super flexible and the coffee is amazing. Everything else kind of sucks. But I guess the e37s has got it where it counts. I haven't tried any other grinder in the same price range as th e37s but I don't think any of them would be quite as suited to switching between espresso and pour over. As such I am quite tempted to buy another one.... 

This is an update of my previous review where I basically said the 37sd makes great coffee but is kind of a hack (see above) and is a bit of a pain to use.  

Well now I've been using 2 for a couple months.... and there is another major annoyance.  Some people one the web have said they have experienced inconsistent results.  After a while of using the machine I began to experience a very wierd cup of coffee every 4 or 5 grinds.  

After diasasemly and cleaning (which was, on the plus side, remarkably easy), I discovered there is a small ledge,  where the metal chute meets the grind chamber.  There is a significant vertical gap between where the coffee exits the grind chamber and this ledge. Therefore the majority of the time the grinds fly over the ledge, especially when using the bellows.  

However, everytime you use the machine, I belive a very small amount of grind builds up on this ledge. After several cycles this becomes a significant amount which then avalanches into your next dose. Especially if your are constantly changing grind size, this makes a really bad cup of coffee. 

This can be prevent by brushing the chute every time you grind. Unfortunately the ledge is quite far up the chute and cannot really be accessed with a brush unless you remove the rubber shroud on the chute. So, unless you are willing to remove, brush, then replace the shroud every grind, then you end up using the machine without the shroud. 

The downside is then that without the shroud, the 37sd shoots grides in a 100 degree arc all over your kitchen... 

So my current technic is to start the machine (remember that there is no Hopper), then holding the collection cup as close as possible to the chutew with one hand,  pouring beans and bellowing with the other.  Proper 3 handed operation. Particularly tricky with espresso. 

Following this, I brush the chute with special attention to hitting the offending ledge, collecting the excess into the removable collection tray (and all over my kitchen counter). 

So yeah, it's not smooth. But the coffee is still good. And I guess if convenience is a priority I do own an Nespresso machine.... 

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1 hour ago, Morrrrrissss said:

And I guess if convenience is a priority I do own an Nespresso machine

Why would you subject yourself to that? Show yourself some respect and dignity. 😂😂😂👍😊😊

good read about the E37SD. Back in the day, the 37S was my dream grinder. It was one of the very few home friendly grinders, yet powerful. 

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On 31/05/2021 at 14:43, Morrrrrissss said:

The downside is then that without the shroud, the 37sd shoots grides in a 100 degree arc all over your kitchen...

I never use the shroud and my coffee is deposited nicely into the portafilter (I just use the funnel and hold the portafilter + funnel under the chute). I don't have any problem with coffee spraying around.

I wonder why. Possibly beans/roast/climate affect this sort of thing.

I will investigate this ledge, though.

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