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Home grinder for espresso?

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As I’m looking at buying an espresso machine for Home in the next couple of months I wondered what opinions were prevalent re grinders currently available.


I currently own two MBK handgrinders... a Feldgrind for home (used for V60 and Aeropress) and an Aergrind for work (used for Aeropress).


Should I just use my Feldgrind at home and put all my money into an espresso machine or should I buy something like a Eureka Mignon or try and hobble on with the feldgrind until I can source a second hand Mazzer Mini?


Any opinions on this are appreciated.

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You could use the Feld for espresso, but dialling in might be a chore. It only takes a couple of minutes to make a shot, if you need to hand grind each dose that can slow things up. With an electric grinder you can make another shot, if needed after adjustment, in much quicker succession.


Winding the Feld down to espresso from V60 will be a bit faffy too, adjust a bit, spin the burr, repeat & so on.

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