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La Marzocco GS3 AV - Customized

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For sale - La Marzocco GS3 AV - Customized

The mentioned product is in perfect condition, if needed i will make photos, video or whatever you want :)

Bought as new in september 2018 ( 06.09.2018 ) , ( warranty until 2019 september ).

I wanted to buy the MP version from start but customized, because of the long leading time, i bought the AV version ( also customized ).


It's a beauty, it has served my hobby perfectly, i just felt in love with it at first sight, but now i want the MP version...




SN: 7111 ( see attached image ), manufactured in 2015.


Utilized in a showroom from september until december 2018 ( 4 months )

Reason of selling: upgrade, going to MP.

This is a special customized version which includes:

- Glass Side Panels


- Walnut group cap

- Walnut portafilter complete ( for the single and for the double )

- Walnut steam knob

It was used only with filtered water, cleared regularly.




Price: 5000 euro + VAT / 4500 GBP + VAT.

If you will buy for a company with valid VAT id the price is VAT free, if not please calculate with 19% VAT.

5950 euro / 5355 GBP - VAT INCLUDED -



Payment: only by wire transfer.


Shipping: after the cleared transfer, we can ship in 7-10 working days trough courier service only for the products safety.


Shipping cost around 90-150 GBP ( GLS or UPS ) ( this sum is not calculated in the product price )


I can offer tracking number from the shipping.



The packet includes:

- the espresso machine


- original kit to connect to the water circuit. ( never used! )

- 2 portafilters ( one single and one double )

- 1 portafilter LM naked ( after market ) - also has wood handle as the originals

- water hardness test - original - not opened

- puly caff 570g - new - you will get this from me, in order to clean the machine regularly also in the future..


- original LM tamper

- filter baskets:


a. standard IMS competition 12/18g

b. nanotech - B702TFH26NT - 18/20g

c. VST - 22g


d. blind for backflush


e. the originals * single and double LM


- gasket for MA made from food grade silicone

Bonus: Motta knock box and tamping station.




The machine is my gem, so i will sell only if the buyer "worth it".






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@MLG please keep to the rules covering sales. All communication must be conducted on open forum. Once a sale is agreed, then go to PM to arrange collection/delivery etc.



I want 100% transparency :)

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Looks like a beauty but you may want to give a bit more info on location of machine and assurances on delivery. It will take a brave person to wire transfer this amount of money without any guarantee.


Its located in Transylvania, in a showroom.

Important - I forgot to mention it has EU plug, but i will buy a "transformer" if needed :)


We could use an eskrow service if the buyer is accepting to cover the fee.

I am opened to discuss about anything.

Also i prefer to sell with a contract.

I am not in a hurry, and i will sell only if the buyer/seller can agree on everything 100000%.


Unless others already know it may help to indicate where the machine currently is and purely an observation the machine is now approaching it's fourth year of age, I suspect this may not have a great deal of relevance with a machine of this calibre.

You are right:)

As i mentioned before it was bought in September this year.

So it has a "usage" of 3 months.

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A transformer is only required if the machine is 110/120v , you may mean a converter to convert the plug from, say a Euro plug to the 13amp three pin as in the UK..... unless it's 3ph ?. In which case it would limit peoples interest to almost a commercial environment.

You should make the specifications available to allay many questions and curiosity.




I meant the converter from EU to the UK plug.

Its 220v as you can see here: https://i.imgur.com/jGc8Mqs.jpg


Thanks, i needed to clarify this.



I will respond to everyone who is interested, or has some questions.

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How much extra is the customisation MLG.


It was quite expensive, but it worth it :)


Glass panels - 440 eu + VAT

Wood group cap, steam lever, portafilter handles - 290 eu + VAT

Total: 730 euro + VAT

( aprox 870 eu or 834 gbp VAT included )

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Quite reasonable, under the circumstances! Good luck with the sale......


I am in no hurry, so i prefer to sell to somebody who sees the value in it ( plus keeps it clean :) )


p.s. the glass panels worth even more, beside the visual @[email protected] you can see everything from inside what makes a La Marzocco a real La Marzocco :)




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