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Can't dial in grind's with Barista Express.

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7 hours ago, ajohn said:



Now do make sure you don't disturb the position of the large worm wheel or gears. Actually using the clip as shown in the image should make 1/2 steps possible.

This is also the way the burrs are calibrated but turn finer until the burrs touch the wind back a touch and refit the adjuster aligned at the finest setting, That means winding back to the nearest click positions. You'll never need to grind that fine so if in doubt don't use it.

Great guide thanks, never knew about this mod I’m going to do it today. 

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What beans are you using - a link to them may help? Are they the ones listed on Amazon? Hand roasted etc.

The standard setting for the outer burr is 6. 5 is finer according to the manual. Page 22 I'd suggest you calibrate it as I mention. Brush the burrs clean and refit the burr one setting finer. Ha

Clock starts counting when you press the button, that is the pre-infusion stage.

One of the main thing about Sage's thermo.............. machines is using a sensible dose of grinds in the first place. That can be checked with the razor tool. Bean densities vary so the weight used for the same fill height can too. It's pointless using what some one else uses or mentions.

Maximum amount in. Add 1/2g at a time to that until the puck sticks to the shower screen then add 1/2g more, maybe again. It should stop doing that. Works on the BE so should work on the others. Not the DB though. If some one had a Sage engineer make them a drink they would use the grinder manually and stop at some point. They have done it many times so can. They may use more coffee than people on here would. That high limit is easy to check. Tamp, fit the portafilter, remove and make sure the shower screen hasn't marked it.

Some aspects of taste and coffee extraction just relate to how slowly the water passes through them. Overloading a basket is sacrilegious. The grinds expand when the puck gets wet so if there isn't sufficient room for that a coarser grind is needed for some specific ratio. The 1/2g add I mentioned makes very very little difference to this. Extraction also relates to time so if that is extended what do you think happens?  Reducing it tends to have the opposite effect.

Minimum in. The used puck will start getting wet. Film of water is ok but if the whole thing goes a bit muddy it's unlikely to work out.

Don't forget the single. I know it can make a decent strong 10oz americano with strong beans. Using it is no different to the double. It is on the DB. It seems that one has to be overloaded.

Lastly dismiss web style 30 sec a 2x ratio and anything else is either under or over extracted. The manuals are as bad but if the numbers are worked through the ratio is more like 3x. Interesting as it does suite some beans and some peoples tastes. The only option is to try a range and taste them. Some would suggest tasting shots directly. If too strong water them down. If you drink americano make one, then the question is how big a one. The whole idea is to produce a drink that some one enjoys drinking. I add reflecting the tasting notes the bean is said to have in a manner that suites me. Personally I think relating to tasting notes on most beans needs some imagination. I also think peoples pallets get educated over time. ;) One I detect when trying beans is water. I didn't when I started. It's an after taste.

The main problem is something has to be fixed because there are too many variables.  Dose makes sense as does trying different ratios but say those needed 25 sec or 35 sec to produce try them providing they needed a grinder setting change. Ratio has a tendency to rule all. Once there the other things can be varied. It helps if people can mostly stick to one type of bean.

The grinder mod - I'd try just the clip first and try 1/2 steps. Without the clip they may jump to the nearest setting. I managed without either but rather than follow the gospel I worked through the problems. It's useful experience. When I went to a grinder upgrade I went for a Mazzer Mini. I mean stepless adjustment has to be great doesn't it. Then comes the miniscule adjustments needed to set a precise ratio. Also the need for most to weigh out anyway = varying time.

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