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Grand Final CFUK LAC - mmmatron v Joey24dirt - 8pm - 2.11.18

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The 2018 CFUK Latte Art Challenge Grand Final will take place on Friday, 2nd November at 8pm GMT


The contestants, mmmatron and Joey24dirt, will battle it out for the much coveted CFUK LAC crown over a 45 minute period. They will produce a TULIP and a FREE POUR* design of their choice.

Two separate photos of their best pours clearly showing the MAGIC WORD, which will be revealed here 5 minutes before the start time, must be uploaded by 8.45pm.


*The defintion of free pour latte art is any art that consists solely of a use of steamed milk poured directly from the milk pitcher and into the cup. No other accessories such as latte art pens and stensils are allowed.


Here are the Grand Final Pours:



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I bet it’s going to be a great final. And just to make it interesting, we’ll have a shilling on the side!


Is that on the fastest milk pour in the north :) :)

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Brilliant. I’d better get practicing my blobs. I’m cursing these tiny acme cups [emoji23]


Err...... if all else fails :)



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I tried doing a swan tonight, the results were hilarious. More like roadkill [emoji23]


If you’re talking free pour, then simply call it... roadkill!

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