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Understanding the dial on the SJ (potentially a stupid question)

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Hi all,


Apologies if this is a bit of a stupid question - I'm trying to understand the dial for adjusting the grind on my (recently acquired) Super Jolly.


So it obviously does work as a relative tool, but I can't imagine that these things are built with the kind of capacity for grinding exactitude that they are without the numbers on the dials having more objective reference value. There's of course plenty of documentation on this forum and elsewhere with regard to finding the "zero point" on a grinder and every unit being a bit different, but with the SJ specifically, am I right in thinking that there isn't actually anything physical on the SJ that the '0' on the dial is supposed to line up with to define a neutral position?


Apologies if I'm being dumb and there is something blindingly obvious that I have missed,

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You are quite correct. the zero does not line up with a particular spot. With clean empty grinder, unplugged, wind down until burrs touch, wind back about 13 notches on the rim. This will be ball park for espresso, adjust to suit particular bean.

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Have a look at this thread. If you have a printer you can print one of these collar gauges. First page file links not working anymore but on the last page they provide another link. I believe mazzer mini and jolly collars have same diameters. So mini pdf file should work. And you can adjust your zero point with this printed gauge.

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