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Pavoni (old Grpoup) IMS shower screen and basket

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Having wanted to try these for a while I gave in, and £40 or 'Gory' as they say within the sound of Bow Bells, they landed


first comparisons



The IMS screen has a lot more holes, it takes 5 secs to drain when filled with water, the standard one takes 20 secs.


The IMS Basket is takes the same time to drain as the standard basket again about 25 secs, however im using a 16g basket that came with my naked portafilter - this drains in 5 secs!





The 16g / 14g standard / 14g IMS The 16g with 14g in and the IMS 14g with 14g in


Pulling a shot - surprisingly the IMS made very little difference to the lever pressure or the pre infusion time - I had summarised that the IMS basket would take more time to saturate but it was virtually the same.


Taste wise the shots were pretty close - with the floating temps of pavs this is less than scientific but I sought to pull both shots with the group at the same temp.


Is it worth it - well ive not had a eureka moment or could taste a great difference although the IMS shot seemed to have the edge taste wise ….. but then the financial investment tends to skew opinion


Early days will see what happens.




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Quick update - the drain time of the IMS is actually 6-7 seconds when filled with water - I think it must have had some packaging polish or something on it, point is that the standard 14g, the 16g and the 14g IMS are all pretty close in drain... errr drainability - you know what I mean


ahem .… the latent matrix assimilation of H2O is within a narrow parameter

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Any more news on this matter Jimbo?

Are they worth the cash?

Well I've switched back to a 16g basket that came with my naked portafiter, taste wise I don't think it was any noticeable difference, and 14g in the ims would often hit the screen.


As for the dispersion screen, it certainly has more holes and greater flow of water onto the puck than standard, which is probably a good thing - if you fancy trying the is basket I will post it off to you?

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Thank you! Seems a bit pricey, but considering a Pavoni and will definitely need one when I get it!


it has a basket you can get 14g in the standard one can as well but the puck often touches the screen, tbh its probably the most usefull upgrade you can make on a pav

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