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Vesuvius - bloom stage

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This post is based on blog post from Scot Rao



I tried to mimic the bloom phase on Vesuvius machine as follows:

1. Program the preinfusion to P1 program straight 2 bar (max pressure for preinfusion 3bar) for 10s

2. Program the brew program to P2 whatever you want. For exapmple straight 9 bar or 6 bar or my favorite, from 6 to 4 bar in 20s with ek43.

3. Set P1, lock in the portafilter and start the brew process.

4. After 10s the P1 program ends.

5. LEAVE the handle of the group in top brew position.

6. Let the cofee bloom for 20-30s.

7. Switch to P2 program through the menu.

8. Move the handle to MIDDLE preinfusion possition NOT all the way down. We want to leave the drain valve closed.

9. Move the handle immediately to TOP brew position. You will start the P2 program.

10. Finish the brew process as usual after reaching the required coffee weight.


Please try it and let me know your experience.

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