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Kiss the Hippo, Richmond (W London)

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I've been working in Richmond on and off for a while, and always go to Butterbeans for a good coffee before work, but it's tiny and always busy, although worth the wait. Oddly, there doesn't seem to be that many specialty coffee joints in RMD, (although Danieli's have an Italian espresso and gelato emporium but I always choose their ice cream because it is superb, so I haven't tried the coffee).


Was in Richmond again today for the first time in a couple of months (yep, had a gelato from Danieli) and then I found a swanky new coffee place had opened since my last visit - the quirkily-named Kiss the Hippo.


This is quite an operation. I think they must have only opened a month ago. Prime location large cafe with hardly a table and chairs to be seen in an expensive part of town, and with kit to die for. The cafe eschews the usual bare brick industrial look and replaces it with white minimalist interior with lots of space and air. They have an awesome bar with a Kees van der Westen Spirit 3 group, a couple of VA Mythos grinders, an EK43, and a brew bar with a line of Acaia scales. No expense spared on the kit front and shop fit-out. They also have a Loring roaster in the back, visible from the cafe, where they roast for the shop and for retail bags.


The retail bags looked a bit pricey at between £9-12.50 for what I think were 250g bags, although that judgement is based only on experience of 'going rates' from our forum favourites and doesn't take into account the individual coffees, which might be stellar and rare as hen's teeth for all I know, so treat it with caution - they could well be worth every penny. They also sell stuff like Chemex, Aeropress, Wilfa, Technivorm etc.


They say on their website they're in the process of securing SCA accreditation and then they'll be doing classes. I wonder if that will mean people get to play on the KvdW?


I didn't have long unfortunately, but I managed a cheeky espresso from their house "George St blend" (wasn't taking notes but I think organic Colombian/Peru) with notes of almond and cherry, which seemed spot on. Probably light-med roast and certainly to my taste. The baristi looked like they knew and loved what they were doing, taking care over the prep. I noticed they were using the PUSH tampers. Saw some nice latte art being poured for another customer.


My espresso was sweet and juicy - this place deserves more investigation when I have more time, as I need to try the SO espresso, and their pourover. Will also try the Japanese ice coffee and the nitro cold brew if the weather is still like this next time I go. Definitely need to check this place out more fully.



Eat, drink and be merry

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Oh, good find.

Noted for when I'm riding down that way.

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They’ve been popping up as sponsored posts for me on insta recently - so interesting to hear some real feedback - I’m rarely in Richmond, but will give them a go next time I’m down.

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Just had a stalk on their instagram page, they have an awesome layout and some great kit! As said no expense spared.

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I'm local and just heard about this place at the weekend. I'm looking forward to trying them out, although I do love Butterbeans!

Thanks for the encouragement @hotmetal.

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I can second the recommendation. I was in Richmond recently (used to live in the area) and was very surprised to find a speciality coffee shop in the town! And it was actually very good - there's a Loring 15kg in the back too. Had a very nice Kalita brew while I was there and brought back a bag of beans to try at home.

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Tried some of their house blend at home. Not bad , fruit forward and sweet. 

Single origin Ethiopian was pretty good , I think I had  unrealistic  super high expectations of this, given the hype on social media and winning the UKBC. 

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