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To run or not to run while placing bean in grinder

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I'm fine tuning my grinding skills with a baratza encore for espresso. Do anyone out there have an opinion on the better method i am trying which i cant find anywhere on the web hence joining this forum.

For the record i keep the hopper empty and weigh my doses individually


method 1 start empty grinder running and immediately pour weighed dose of beans into the grinder


method 2 pour weighed dose of beans into grinder and then switch on grinder


although i cant be absolutely sure? I think method 1 is best as i seem to yield a more even grind and the grinder requires cleaning less.

Many thanks

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I don't know how well single dosing an encore would work in general (you can search around single dosing - might give you more records and info) but I'd definitely go with option 1. I'm finding it hard to express why that is though, so hopefully others will chip in more ideas...

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Encore, definitely have the burrs moving before beans go in.


I've actually just gone back to one for a little while (scaling back my home coffee clutter) and I run an extra 5g through after a couple of beans as a purge then sieve out everything below 200microns and brew.

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I remember why it's a good idea to run the encore and similar (and probably others as well) before putting beans in. The encore and other Baratza's are actually made to have a burr collar that can break so that if something like a stone or whatever gets in, it'll probably break that easily replaceable part. They're just a flimsy-ish plastic. Running the motor first means it's already "up to speed" and so less likely to put extra strain on those parts.


*It might not be 100% the best description, but this is a relief to realise I have some semblance of a memory :-)*

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