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Hi there,


I received my Duetto IV a weekend ago and am very new to the machine. Completely different than my good old Silvia... I am wondering what the noise from the pump is, when it built pressure. It is the high tone which starts just after I turn on the pump, and which stops when it has reached the 9 bar...


What is it - is it normal and is as it should be?


Many thanks, K



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That's the pump drawing in water to refill the system from cold. The boiler level probe then sends a signal to the pump to stop.

The pump will start & stop from time to time, to keep the system topped up.

Notning to worry about !

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Thanks for your reply.

I wonder what part in the machine it's as it might be different on the machines. I haven't found any Duetto on youtube which has the same sound. Two times I have been using it, the sound was not there.

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Plumbed-in machines usually have a rotary pump (like yours). Rotary pumps are quieter with little vibration.

Machine with integral water reservoirs have a vibratory pump, which ahs a different higher pitched sound.

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