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Gaggia Classic, Mazzer SJ, VST Basket, Naked Portafilter, Mat

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Hi all. I've finally given and and promised to reduce the space my coffee "stuff" takes up. I am willing to split, offers welcome if buyer multiples. I have included insured courier delivery prices for the big items and regular for the others, but will give preference to those able to collect from central Bristol. Here are the details:


2002 Gaggia Classic /w Rancilio Silvia steam wand (£130 collection, £150 delivered)


I bought this refurbished from our very own MartinB here less than 18 months ago, so you know it's in decent shape! Never had an issue with it, still in perfect working order and it has:




  • Rancilio Silvia steam wand
  • OPV set to 10 BAR
  • New boiler and group seal just 18 months ago
  • Descaled
  • Portafilter and double basket (original, so looking pretty well used)
  • Newer 21g basket
  • Original Box



Mazzer Super Jolly (£210 collected, £240 delivered)

I rescued this from a cafe that didn't last long, around 18 months ago when I got the Gaggia. I gave it a good clean and replaced the burrs, and it's worked like a dream since. I have been using a lens hood rather than the original hopper, but I do have that and the grind tray. I also installed the classic "Mouse" cocktail shaker mod and the "clean sweep" mod to make it easier to use for single doses. There are a few paint chips on the front (pictures included) and at the back but all very superficial.


Motta 58mm Tamper (£10 collected, £12 delivered)


Lovely Motta tamper with black wooden handle. Perfect conditiion.


Naked Portafilter (£15 collected, £25 delivered)


Fits the above Gaggia Classic, and most likely others. Great condition, a little wear and tear but it's only a year old.


18g VST Basket (£18 collected, £20 delivered)


Not much else to say really! Also in near perfect condition, some edge marks from going into the above portafilter.


Silicon Tamping Mat (10 collected, £12 delivered)


Really nice little counter-edge tamping mat, with space for the tamper and a rest for the portafilter while tamping.


Struggled to add pictures but they can be found here:












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