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La Marzocco Linea 2 GRP - OTT for home use?

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You would need to plumb for sure. It will be weighty also , and 3 phase I suspect.

Plus although these are work horses, how well looked after has it been , what water has been used in it?

Really do you want that kind of space being used on a two group when you don't need two groups and cafes leave them on all day, do you want to do that ?

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unless you plan huge gatherings, it would be an overkill..perhaps get a lever and a high-tier grinder instead? :)

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I'm sure if you post up what your budget is, we will happily spend it for you :popcorn:


I doubt very much you will want to boil up several litres of water every-time you want a few espressos, unless there's a queue behind you. A single group machine ins't too bad though and will more than likely be singe phase (13Amp plug). Commercials will still need to be plumbed in though. Pro-sumer ones often have tanks, with the option of plumbing in. Don't forget to budget for a good grinder though..

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massive for a kitchen... and resulting drinks no more tasty than from something like a Sage DB which is a lot cheaper and 1/4 of the footprint . Plus you can bang any water you like in it


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Thanks for all the responses, I think I've come to my sense. I do have my heart set on a La Marzocca so I think the Mini is a solid choice - budget is around this price.


Also got a few opinions from some electrician mates and running a old 3 phase La Marzocca Linea 2 GRP is non-trivial on domestic leccy.

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You can get a downrated element conversion for a Linea classic that will work on 230v. I've used a few machines with this and you'd not know the difference.

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