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Sage DTP pump pressure control mod


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A thought just popped into my head. This works similar with my hot water in the house.

Because I'm slowing down the flow of water, I'm giving the water more time in the coil.


This will potentially give me an increase in temperature. Looks like I'll be adding a temp gauge to see [emoji23][emoji106]

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So after a few days of use I'm having mixed results. I've found my usual 1:2 ratio is leaving things a little sour, so I have increased this and now the shots are better. Last one I ran was 16g>42g and tried to sit at about 6 bar.


Didn't realise that the pressure would drop so much the further through the pull you went lol.


Every day is a school day.


Definitely need a victim who knows coffee to give them a try for me [emoji23]

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You are brave bud I'll give you that! Probably right about the temp on a thermo coil machine. You'd really need to measure temp in the basket though, so you'd need a thing like DavecUK knocked up that simulates a puck but has a thermocouple embedded in the centre.


Might also be tempted by a handle for my Aergrind as an ex-skater myself.

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Well this post is mainly for my own benefit really so I can remember later.


Ran the machine at about 50% pump power from the start.


17.5g in of the django 38g in 40 seconds. Driest puck I've had for a while.


Delicious shot with lots of fruity notes. Very happy that the last shot of 2017 was one of my best.


Happy new year lol

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As I couldn't drink last night and everyone was in bed, I thought I would tidy up the plumbing for the gauge.


I made up some new hoses (re-used original ends) and squared and secured it all up.




If anyone is thinking of doing this mod and needs hose then let me know. I have 30 meters of the stuff!

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If anyone is thinking of doing this mod and needs hose then let me know. I have 30 meters of the stuff!


Judging by the rapidly increasing DTP membership lately, you'll soon need to be restocking that hose and other parts, in Joey's stores. [emoji28]


I should put a kit together [emoji106]

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You could be right about the temp Joey.. And as you've found out the difference in tastes of shots could well be why the shots are tasting different if you've got an increase in temperature (I'm guessing increase as if you've slowed down the flow of water the longer the water has in the coil to heat up?)..


The only thing I can think of that would change this would be a built in thermostat by sage? If they have a temp set at say 93deg it shouldn't matter how long the water stays in there as it should still stay at 93? Thoughts?

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On 26/12/2017 at 21:41, joey24dirt said:

I had a seed planted firmly in my head recently about whether you could get some form of pressure profiling on the go with the DTP. It turns out you can so here's a quick write up of how I carried out my mod and how it performs.


First I wanted to install gauge so I could see what pressure I had going to the pf. This was a simple enough task and I just added a T piece to the line coming out of the pump.




The pipework is 4mm plastic. Parts are readily available to use push-fit fittings so that's what I did. I decided that to cause the least disruption I would use the tamper dock for my gauge.






The gauge is obviously upside down but it doesn't matter. It actually makes it easier to read rather than stooping down to look.






Next I ordered up a voltage regulator from overseas




Simple enough to fit, just slip it in there before the pump and take control over the voltage going to it.


Location was decided by the space inside. Looking back if I were to do another, I would remove the adjusting pot and add some lengths of wire. That way the control dial could be mounted in other locations away from the main board.




First of all I did a dry run to check it worked. Once happy I started to chop up and drill my machine






Controller in place it's now time for wiring.


***please ensure you have the machine isolated from the mains before starting any of this work. Probably should've mentioned this at the start***


Remove connections from pump and direct these into the controller. Then make up some more wiring to go from the controller into the pump.




You should be now in a position to test this now. Literally just run the machine and turn the dial. You should now be able to control the voltage going into the pump.


I can go into further details later, I just wanted to get the thread started off and then get into it properly. This opening post is long enough haha



Just stumbled across this because I wanted to see what the inside looked like, then found this post. I'm also in awe of your ability, your grandfather sounds like he was very gifted indeed!

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On 26/12/2017 at 23:57, ashcroc said:

Great vid & mod. Can't wait for you to get bored & turn a new knob out of an old scateboard. emoji16.png


On 26/12/2017 at 23:41, joey24dirt said:



I always forget to turn the phone on its side lol. Sorry for the rubbish video.

That is seriously tricked ?

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Hey Joey, don't know if I can loop back to this post, looks like last comment was about 4 years ago. 


I'm curious if you need to add the voltage regulator in order to add the gauge, or if Its possible for me JUST to mod the gauge on to the machine. I really want to try and add the pressure gauge but don't know if I need/want to mess with the electronic side of my machine. 




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As Joey said, he just 'teed' of the flow from the pump,  but without the electronics you will not be able to vary the pressure./flow.

The gauge will work but as above you will have a relatively stable pressure.

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