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Can anyone identify this basket please?

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Thanks- I can't see a 'c' stamped on it but Two of them came with my Classic (which I bought second hand). I have a VST 18 gram but, like I said- I get amazing results time after time with this possible capsule basket together with a 6 oz cup making Cappuccinos or flat whites.


Could someone post up a link to a site that sells the 'capsule' baskets please.... thanks-

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Common wisdom would say that whilst you might be getting good results with that basket, you are inherently limiting yourself with the design.


A basket like that may well help with some things like channeling, as it is all pushed together at the end and creates extra back pressure - however you will also be extracting some parts of the puck more than others.


I would encourage you to try out an IMS basket (much easier to use than a VST).


However if you dont want to mix things up here is a link to your basket: https://www.gaggia-parts.co.uk/Gaggia-Pod-Filter-Basket

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Thanks that's great... Could you post up a link for the IMS basket that will hold approximately the same as the Gaggia Capsule one please ? ... I'll buy both- thanks
How many grams are you currently loading? The IMS basket I linked to earlier is listed at 12-18g
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