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A leak???    It strikes me that there's been a full blown gusher! As a consequence, details appear to be plastered all over the US media.  So, I might as well put you 'grinder-heads' out of your

Quite a few MAX owners are opting for a leather grinder mat to protect the base. Having used various leathers I have to say I am even happier with this 3mm veg tan pre dyed leather. I  have been tryin

Quoting NelisB from the Kafatek forum here!  

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It is not very central but if Unoll and Grumpydaddy were keen we could host in Plymouth? We have a EK, versalab m3 and mazzer royal in Plymouh....


but we have Ek43, royal,r120 versa lab and kafetek near cirencester!!!!

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These look amazing grinders , I am really in a quandary at which one I prefer , flat or conical .


still I can’t afford one of these beasts at the moment so not losing too much sleep making my decision.

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Orders are once again being taken for the Monolith, flat or conical. Just saying :)




Just for the record the pre orders all sold within a few short hours . . .

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