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Oh Dear

The Systemic Kid

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This article filled me with pure rage
I am not easily upset, very thick skinned (have to be) and don't do stress.


The article really saddens me, closed eye view, not prepared to see both sides of a story.


I don't mind that people enjoy instant coffee or cheap coffee, but to make such sweeping judgement without any knowledge or facts is very frustrating.


I'm sure he has no luxuries he enjoys.





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Sad. Just an inverted snobbery opinion piece, with the scantest attempt at backing it up with facts or research. Still, since when was actually having a clue or researching properly a requirement for a 'features writer'? They all just try to get people's goat because, strangely, it sells papers (presumably to people who don't care about good coffee and want to be vindicated). Seems to be true regardless of whether it's the Daily Getalaugh, Daily Wail, The Grauniad or the Beano. Actually there are probably fewer 'knockers' reading the Beano. I expect with the Getalaugh's readership, he'd be looking for a new job by now if he'd replaced all the references to coffee with wine. "I can't tell Chateau Lafite from Sarsons vinegar, and all those who spend more than a pound getting bladdered are fools..." Good luck with that!


There's better opinion and more amusement to be found in the comments, such as this gem:

I used to make my hamster eat those beans like the Kopi Luwak and then make coffee when it passed them through, like the really expensive coffee, but it cost me a lot in hamsters since they would never stop running in their exercise wheel until they died and would stay up all night watching box sets.

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This article reminds me of all the newspaper articles where somebody who clearly knows very little about coffee try and review coffee items


Yes Sir. Thank you for articulating my initial thoughts just right! This person has barely any knowledge. It gets to a point where you don't get mad but rather just laugh it off. This article is absolute gibberish.

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