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Sette 270W - Fail...

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They developed the burr carrier (and I think the burrs) the Sette uses.


No idea on how good it is, haven't heard of any out in the wild yet.


I'm not a fan of how it looks either, but then I feel that way about a lot of grinders.


ooh thats an ugly duckling ever by grinder standards

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feck its a metal sette for the commercial market designed my Max Headroom





The only ‘Baratza’ parts that we share are the front display circuit board, the hopper stopper (handle and flapper) and the cone burr holder. Additionally, Etzinger uses the same Acaia load cell, though his entire weight system is different than ours,” Baratza President Kyle Anderson told Daily Coffee News via email.Anderson said the line also features a different motor, a belt drive system (as opposed to gear drive), a beefy cast zinc housing for its grinding mechanism and a different burr rotation speed. Etzinger told Daily Coffee News that the different choice of motor and drive system was mainly for the way it fit within the housing and that it might be slightly quieter, but otherwise not a dramatic departure.

More significant is that the etzMAX burrs themselves, though the same size as Sette burrs, are also geometrically unique. Etzinger designed new burrs specifically for greater grinding efficiency, durability and performance at a slower rotation speed and under the strain of commercial use. Etzinger reports a grind speed of 3.8 grams to 4.3 grams per second for espresso, depending on the setting. A macro adjustment ring is connected directly to the cone burr, offering 28 steps of 0.1-millimeter increments, with a stepless micro adjustment ring providing an additional 10 demarcations for fine tuning.


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Oh dear - my Sette 270W has now developed a fault.


I thought I must be living on borrowed time after listening to all the other problems.


I got mine from Coffeehit. It's under warranty obviously, but what do you think the chances are of me being able to swap it for either the non-weigh version or something else? It is about 4 months old I think.


Need to talk to them today


I know this thread is 2015, but I thought I'd respond to update members on their legal position when expensive items go wrong.


In this case, a grinder should last you for years, not months. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 reduced your rights slightly compared to the Sale of Goods Act 1893, et al, but gives more clarity in what were some grey areas. The recent Act still gives you six years to discover a fault and obtain redress for that fault if it is reasonable for the product category to last for that period, and if the fault probably developed due to a manufacturing problem - faulty or shoddy components, or poor assembly etc. As long as you didn't cause the problem by abuse or accident the law is on your side to get reasonable redress under sections 9,10,11 of that act.




Ive just had to haul BT over the coals in respect of one of their sh1tty 8600 Chinese crappy phones that died at 14 months old. Outside the BT 12 months warranty, and of course BT had no idea of modern trading law. After moving from "get knotted it's out of warranty" we got to "as a good will gesture we'll send it back to China for a free repair, if you pay the shipping, it will take 8 weeks. " to "we have authorised a full refund to your account".


Know your rights, be reasonable, speak softly.

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I just wondered, a few years on, how people have got on with their Sette 270Ws? @badger28? I'm keen to get one currently, but if all yours died then I'm not!
It failed twice... I returned it... Got a second hand commercial grinder instead.

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Here's a video I found from Feb. 2020 - I think I was actually looking for Eureka reviews.

When he starts showing you the bits that have been replaced (about 3 minutes onward) you start to see why these machines may not be up to the job.



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