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Water filtration setup at home


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The bestmax premium does not add minerals. It removes some of the calcium and exchanges some of the rest for magnesium.


Oh so if your water didn't have much Calcium in the first place then you wouldn't get much Magnesium?

I emailed BWT cause find their descriptions aren't very clear what the difference of all the various filters are and doesn't give any figures on how much minerals they add/exchange...

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hmm any thoughts on connecting a remineralisation filter afterwards like this?


This will increase GH and KH by precisely the same amount, with all the GH in the form of calcium. Personally I prefer around 100GH/50KH as recommended in Jim Schulman's insanely long water faq, but Volvic has roughly equal GH and KH (60 of each) and seems to be liked well enough here.

It might need a plumbed bypass to avoid adding too much though.

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Just now I'm using a mix of filtered tap water and some Harrington bottled water and is a nice improvement over just tap water so I definitely need some hardness boost in my water... guess my choices are either a remineralisation filter with some bypass control or manual mixing in of buffer and magnesium...

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So I received my TDS meter and my tap water measured 32ppm whereas my bottle of Harrington was 206ppm lol

Interesting to see when I add a tiny amount of baking soda the meter jumps to 400ppm and flashes red warning the water is not drinkable!

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