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Water filtration setup at home


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Guys and girls, we all know that water plays a vital role in creating any kind of coffee, so the question is what system / setup does everyone have at home for their coffee extraction be it espresso machine / v60 / cafetiere / etc?

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Sure, or tastes of nothing as all the flavour contaminants have been removed and says to my palate that when I prefer something else such as Evian I'm actually saying I like what they left in it. Bicarb subtly changes the taste of RO of course although that's not the reason for adding it.

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Yes. Removing the chemicals that are added by the water company for one and adding back some carbonate? for another if your supply is on granite like around here

I also do 

https://join.worldcommunitygrid.org?recruiterId=596475 Letting the idle processors on phone and PC help humanity

https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/vesuvius/ Even though I have a lever

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Inline brita filter inside cupboard - direct from BB. Can't remember what it js now, perhaps C60

BB sell the C50 Fresh, which is for softer water areas. It removes nasties without changing the hardness. The link I gave was to the domestic version of the C50 Quell ST, which does reduce hardness.

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