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I ordered from Hasbean some delicious Costa Rican coffee beans


https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/costa-rica-zarcero-finca-la-casa-yellow-honey-caturra £7


Just had this. Was pretty hard to grind for espresso in my porlex tall replica! But SO GOOD and I have that nice stimulant caffeine rush you only get opening a fresh bag of beans! Smells yum! Tastes a bit meh at first but leaves this wonderful aftertaste. One of those coffee's where you taste it and find yourself looking at Compak R120 comparisons.... dangerous coffee.


https://www.hasbean.co.uk/collections/coffee/products/costa-rica-finca-la-pira-red-honey-caturra £12.50


Anyway on the order special instructions I left a "Thank You" as I feel the packers deserve some thanks too. And got a hand written "Thank You !" back!


Manners are free so use them xD

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