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Londinium Compact (LC) is available soon


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According to Reiss, Londinium Compact (LC) is available in 12 months time


it seems Londinium LC is a small version of Londinium R. I think it is will suit my kitchen and in my budget frame


I hope it has no compromise to Londinium R


Some one with more infotrmation and rumour about Londinium LC , please share

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This is what Reiss said :

it will be a lever machine - londinium is focused on lever espresso



it is an in house designed spring lever group, dipper fed with a PID, tank fed with a piston pump to load the water into boiler (i.e. to over come the internal pressure in the boiler) and as small and inexpensive as we can make it - in no way a competitor to the LR



it is at least 12 months away - it is a lot of work

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I suppose it could still be termed compact even if it has a very long base in the front to enable leverage. I'm imagining a machine with a dimunitive spring group like a Sama/Ponte Vecchio, although I suppose he could be using the Salvatore Compact as a model. Now how Reiss or anyone else can get a bespoke group manufactured, a PID included (though the Chinese PIDs are cheap nowadays), the machine assembled (presumably by Fracino), and then sell it into a small market for anything under about £1400 would elude me.

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I'm very tempted to see one of this... CoffeeChap made the comment to me the other day when he kindly showed me a Gaggia Factory 106. 12 Months away... Oh boy.

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I'm intrigued..

by Reiss from the Londinium forum:

"our commercial need is to have a product that retails around the £1000 mark, all in (the L1 is about £2000 all in and the L1-P about £3000)


the L1 leaves the cremina for dead in terms of consistently exceptional espresso, commercial grade steam power, a hot water tap, and several hundred dollars in your pocket to put toward a grinder, but the cremina is undeniably smaller and we are losing some sales to it as a result which we need to address

a smaller machine will drastically reduce shipping costs

i can almost guarantee the espresso will not be as good as the L1, in the same way that the L1 is not as good as the L1-P, otherwise there would be no reason to buy our more expensive offerings

The compact machines will not have water taps for example, as they add a lot of cost and weight and in a small boiler machine you don't really have sufficient water on board to feed them anyway


you will find pockets of opinion in places like HB that claim that a manual lever beats a spring lever, but these are the same people that fancy beating the house in las vegas in my view. it is certainly possible now and then, but over time a spring lever will beat their efforts into a cocked hat


our compact machines will have a full fat 58mm group, which offers owners the greatest amount of choice in baskets

we plan to offer two variants; a single boiler with no steam wand so we can really get the size and weight down, and a twin boiler model that will have a steam wand

we are also planning to forge our own group which I'm very much looking forward "


a small footprint dipper PID single boiler together with a stovetop steamer for occasional use would be ideal for me

I would like an option to plumb in and disable the pump

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