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Gutted -  my pulley started squeaking a bit so gave the bearings a grease as per Dave's video but tonight i had to dump some mighty fine Papua New Guinea when the pulley slowed and almost stopped.  I took this video....any ideas guys? Simple as a new belt or something worse?


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Looks like either the motor (unlikely) or there is a small grub screw that grips the shaft in position. If the shaft was pushed or moved a bit whilst you were greasing the bearings it may rub and restrict the smooth turning. If you loosen, ensure the shaft is turning smoothly before tightening it could be ok. Worth trying as it only takes a couple of mins.

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Thanks guys. I greased it as it stuck once before a week ago, so I don't think it's anything I've done since. I've sent the video over to Bella Barista so hopefully they can help. The belt is reasonable moveable so perhaps that or bearings. Are bearings easy to replace yourself? I can see loads of spares at BB although the belts are out of stock. I don't know whether to replace belt and bearings to be on the safe side 🤔 


Cheers again for the advice.👍

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@AntepicI had a similar problem to this. @Stevebeementioned about the grub screws, and if I remember correctly that was the issue.


I didn’t fix it myself, mind you, I took it to Bella Barista as I live about half hour away. The screw had taken my shaft out of alignment and it kept coming to a stop.


Hope you get it sorted 

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Hi All.

I thought I would like to try and improve my understanding of how my damper settings affect air-flow. So I was wondering if anyone has fitted a device to their Dalian to objectively measure this? (a magnehelic?) If so, could you share a few details of your setup; eg what you are using, where you have placed it, whether or not you have it hooked up to Artisan. All useful insights would be gratefully appreciated.


Thanks in advance

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