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North tea power and Grindsmiths are great suggestions. Grindsmiths is definitely my fav in Manchester.


I had a Chemex at Foundation in the Northern Quarter last weekend that was very good. They were serving Origin coffee.


There is also Coffee and social affairs (think that’s what it’s called) open near Piccadilly gardens. Not been there yet since it’s only open Monday to Friday during the day.


If I think of anymore I’ll let you know.

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Popping down to Manchester for a couple of days next week, any places I need to check out for my caffeine fix


You have the wonderful Atkinsons , with a ton of choices of filter and espresso, and in the food hall some fantastic food , too much yummy goodness to choose from. I wouldn't miss it. Beyond that, Takk and Northern Tea Power are worth checking too.

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Rapha on St Anns Square. Allpress coffee, good sandwiches.


And there's always cycling on TV.


EDIT: Pot Kettle Black I've heard good stuff about but not been in yet. For clarity, I'm an RCC member so get my coffee free at Rapha so it's hard to look past the place!

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