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All started here - on the up in Glasgow.

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Well done jeebsy, great to see you getting such positive reviews and good luck with the café, I'm sure it will be a huge success with your knowledge and passion. Respect for taking the plunge, with all your hard work you deserve whatever success comes your way.

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The article says only open weekends.... I wonder how long it will take before demand pushes this to 7 day opening?


Some people are already upset I won't be open for coffee on the nursery run - good start

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Hiyua William (jeebsy).

Great to have a post from you.

Hope all goes very well for you and do keep us informed.


BTW I think a wide 'orange stripe' from top to bottom would just finish that shop front to your style.

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Lease negotiations......lease negotiations! Man I'm so scunnered with £&@!?!£ lease negotiations! We're in our third month of them too. Our business plan was:


1. Buy a fancy-dancy machine

2. Rent a shop

3. Buy a big bag to put all the money in


turns out there's more to it than that.....who knew?!


Good luck, pal I hope it all works out and you're up, running and trading soon. We'll definitely swing by next time we're down in Glasgow.

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I called by a couple of times when it was being stripped out to see progress. Then on his opening weekend I had four guests from London up so took them in for coffee and cakes. Everything was, as you'd expect, excellent. One of them said to me afterwards that it was better than anything they'd had in London in the last year.


I'll say this for Will, he hasn't quite turned me to the Fruity Side, but if you don't like a coffee he's made then it's the coffee itself you don't like, the preparation is always perfection. I'll always be happy to detour down to the Southside to try what @jeebsy has on.

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Worth going to see his shiny new machine that is now in place and to view a wonderful framed photo on the wall , that has been taken by a amazingly talented coffee geek from the north west :) ...

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..and to view a wonderful framed photo on the wall , that has been taken by a amazingly talented coffee geek from the north west :) ...


Thought Glenn lives in London :whistle:






Input: 'Terranovered’ Versalab M3  + Niche

Output: Slayer One Group + La Pavoni + V60 + AeroPress + Syphon + Bialetti Induction Moka Pot + Bialetti Mucka Express + jar of instant for visitors..



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Well, in an almost word exclusive for Coffee Forums, I can reveal that the Rancilio is being retired as of tomorrow.


It's been an emotional time, from getting to know each other intimately so quickly....





...to travelling all over the country to beer festivals, street food markets, pop-ups in bakeries, on the banks of Loch Lomond, beer festivals...you name it, we've probably made coffee there.





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