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Sold: Restored Mazzer Super Jolly £250

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For sale I have my Mazzer Super Jolly that I restored in December last year. I have a thread I created that goes into more detail but i will list everything i have done to the grinder below.



  • sanded, applied primer and painted in satin black
  • replaced the knackered power cable for a new one (like for like of course)
  • replaced the burrs for official mazzer burrs (maximum maybe 2-3kg of beans through them since december)
  • stripped down, applied clean sweep mod with heat shrink (still working perfectly well)
  • replaced the doser spring though i never replaced the doser counter at the same time (didnt see the point)
  • fitted a black laser cut gauge
  • fitted the lens hood
  • fitted oak lids (sprayed satin black) to both the doser and the lens hood
  • fitted the schnozz
  • created my own little portafilter holder (worked for my 53mm portafilter, might need adjusting for a different size)
  • fitted the egg time mod into the doser
  • Replaced some old screws and springs
  • fitted a new mazzer badge to the back of the grinder


I think thats everything! Its a great grinder still in superb condition, it was a huge step up from my previous entry level grinder. The bearings were fine when i purchased the grinder and are still fine now, the age of the grinder is around 14 years old (i will attach a pic of the serial number label before the restore) and it is still going strong.


I am extremely reluctant to ship the grinder so for now i am saying collection only from Nottingham or i may be able to meet close by. £225.


Its genuinely a superb grinder and definitely improved my coffee experience. It also comes with the original large hopper (without the lid though).


Link to the thread i created whilst restoring below.



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Good price for a well finished and well sorted mazzer that's ready for the home environment and will fit under a standard kitchen cupboard, and keep running. Mine is to the same design grinds really well and is a doddle to use.

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V, surprised this is still here- if you bought a SJ second hand and modded it for domestic usage to this high standard (as this is) it would cost a lot more than £225. In comparison buying a SJ off ebay - you can pay upto £295 with no indication of the bearings or Burr quality.

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Kyle. How do you get on with just putting in beans for a double shot at a time?

I keep my beans in a air tight jar and weigh out the beans I need for one drink at a time.

Pardon the basic question, but how much coffee is left in the doser after doing the above?

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I never single dosed with the mazzer. The lens hood could hold maybe 150g of beans and so I would just keep it full. After using for a while I would just know how long to run the grinder to get the 18g i needed. For example if 18g took 10 seconds to grind, I would maybe do 8-9 seconds, dose into portafilter and then weigh. I would then top up if needed.

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Sorry the wife hates the fact I'm spending this much on coffee equipment and i think if i go above 200 i will probably no longer have a wife.


Added bonus then! :whistle:

GS3 MP, Ceado E92 and E37s, Feldgrind. Niche.





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I was very close to putting in an offer as I've decided to return my new Sette, but I'm based in St Albans and collection would have been a pain.

Hope you enjoy what looks like a clean grinder and I'll keep an eye out for something similar nearer home.

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