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The Fracino Piccino is a dual boiler machine, one boiler for coffee and one to provide steam. Made in Birmingham and are very well built and are very well regarded.


This machine is very small and compact, barely larger than a Gaggia Classic, it will fit on most kitchen work tops. It is a definite and worthwhile improvement from the SBDU (Single Boiler dual Use) machines such as the Gaggia Classic or the Rancilio Silvia. Tank fed, does not need to be plumbed in.


Because the brew boiler uses a bimetallic thermostat to regulate temperature, it suffers from the same drawback of imprecise temperature control and a lag in getting back to optimum temp after use. The same problem afflicts the Classic and Silvia. To improve on this and to give the ability to set the desired output temperature, I have modified the machine to PID control. I have read of other people asking about this modification but don’t know of anyone having ever done it, I’ve read that the factory considered incorporating a PID but there is a lack of space in the case and they thought that it would be too expensive for the machines price point. It can easily be put back to standard if needed.


Faults – not many, machine is working well, no issues. There is a 3/4 inch scratch on the ‘power bulge’ on top of the machine, light scratching on some of the rest of the stainless, nothing serious. New group gasket and shower plate. Standard two hole steam tip and a home made single tip, I can provide a blank tip as well so that you can drill it to incorporate any of your own ideas.


It is deceptively heavy for its size, cash on collection preferred, I can demonstrate it working. I live near Oswestry on the Welsh border. Local meet up or delivery is possible. I can bring it to Birmingham or Manchester train stations for £15 towards my fare. I don’t like couriers but will pack it up as well as I can if you want to arrange you own courier and insurance – I don’t want to be held responsible when the couriers throw the box about.


I am asking £350 for it, I am selling in order to upgrade so if you have a better machine to swap, perhaps needing attention, talk to me. No commercial machines please, I already have an Iberital L’Anna.







Londinium L1, Compak E8, Gaggia OWC, Kitchenaid Artisan, ECM Giotto, Gene Cafe 101.

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I want it, I want it, I want it! But don't have the cash. Sorry for wasting your time :(

Please someone buy this quickly so I'm not tempted to do something stupid.

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Now sold.


Funnily enough, the buyer didn't want the PID kit and asked if I would put it back to standard for him. I may list the kit sometime in the new year when I decide on a price.


Mods, could you please mark this as sold.

Londinium L1, Compak E8, Gaggia OWC, Kitchenaid Artisan, ECM Giotto, Gene Cafe 101.

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