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Hasbean Open House


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A shoutout to the guys at Hasbean, who opened their doors to 100 people yesterday to celebrate their fifth anniversary.


The hospitality was amazing: everybody on hand to give tips on cupping, pulling shots, brewing with Chemex/Kalita Wave [and some weird thing called the Dragon], and latte art. We also had a tour of the roastery and the entire warehouse, as well as some fab tacos. This is a serious operation with some great guys behind it. Also really looking forward to pulling some shots of their "Anniversary Blend", which is now available on their website. It was a seriously nice espresso.


Probably an indication of their quality is this line from founder Stephen: "I hope we don't get any busier: there's only so much great coffee out there." I guess we could all name some big coffee companies from whom those words would never be heard.


Thanks Hasbean - good luck with the next five years!

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In that location, surely?


They must be older than 5 years, I was buying from them back in 2008.


Sounds like a great day out, having met Steve he is a really nice bloke!


Yep, I think the date is based largely on the location. But perhaps it's more Hasbean in its present form, since all the birthday badges had "5" on them!

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