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This is my first post, so please excuse my lack of technical expertise. I have had a 'New' Baby Gaggia since 2004. I believe it is the 2002 model, silver plastic body, four square push-in buttons along the top. I noticed a bit of a problem with the flow last year, bought some Gaggia descaler and that seemed to do the trick. However, the problem has re-occurred. I have de-scaled again and tried back-flushing twice. Still struggles to produce the usual amount of coffee. However, the crema is still good and the pressure through the steam wand is fine. I have noticed quite a lot of back flow into the water reservoir.


Any suggestions would be gratefully received !





Andrew Bennett

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Id hazard a guess that you're not descaling regularly enough and this in turn has lead to your solenoid valve becoming partially blocked with scale.

read post #1 #11 and #18



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Without asking you any further diagnostic questions, I can pretty much guarantee your solenoid valve is having issues and is blocked up.

For starters, remove the shower screen and dispersion plate and give them a clean just in case this is also part of the issue, but it sounds like I you should be getting into it, removing the solenoid valve and opening it up, giving it a good clean out and a descale. There is a tiny hole inside that loves getting blocked with scale.

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Ironically, if you don't descale regularly for a while, the very act of descaling when you finally do can dislodge bits of scale that then block the solenoid. As the other guys have said, this is most likely what's happened and you'll end up having to strip it and unblock it manually.

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