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Sold: Rossa PG Air Espresso Aluminium £220 inc. postage


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So I had some fun playing with this, but I will simply never use it as much as it should be. I almost always drink milk drinks and it would get damaged or not properly cared for at work.


This is the version with the pressure valve which allows you to play around with pressure profiles and get some really lovely shots of espresso.


The recommended way to pressurise the Air Espresso is a compressor pump (which can be plugged into your car 12v port) or hand pump. I was actually using a nitrous dispenser with a pressure valve (checked with Ross first to make sure it was OK, which it was) to charge it which worked well but was a lot of extra faff. The Compressor pump is the easiest way to use it!


The thread on the Schrader adapter was slightly damaged so I recently ordered a new one from Ross, and whilst I was paying for shipping from Aus I also ordered a selection of replacement O-rings and seals which Ross said would cover anything that could possibly fail or break, all in all about £60 worth of extra replacement bits.


There are some slight oxidisation marks to the aluminium which you can see in the photos, these marks demonstrate how important it is to fully clean and dry the Air Espresso after each use. The marks come from not fully getting into the nooks and crannies of the lattice pattern on the aluminium with drying tissue, they are not large or obvious but I want to mention everything for full disclosure!


So included in this sale is:


Main Body

Air Cylinder

Cylinder Filling Adapter (brass)

Filter Basket - 14g

Naked Filter Head


Rossa Multi-Purpose Base

Spare 'group gasket' (white gasket that seals the basket to the body)

Spare o-rings for all seals.


£220 Including postage







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