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Wilfa and game of Coffee

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Well, about 10 days later the Wilfa grinder has just arrived from Finland from Slurp coffee. Have unpacked it and will try it out this afternoon. It looks remarkably sturdy for such a small outlay





At the same time, a cheap kilo of coffee turned up that was the subject of a brief discussion last week from Game of Coffee. Will christen the Wilfa with a Moka Pot this afternoon.


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I love a decent send off..............


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Are you grinding in Finnish there?


I wondered as well till I realised that the more you turn the dial, the more it reveals a word. As opposed to numbering the grind, the name it, espresso, aeropress, steal etc etc. used it once. really simple. Delightful container to catch the grind with a channelled side to assist in getting the grinds into whatever you want. More people need to buy this. I think it may turn out to be one of the finds of the year.

I used it on an aeropress setting for the Moka using those cheap beans in the picture. It proved quite nice with no sludge. I have a new gas hob and there mock is too small for it so I spilt some of the contents!

I love a decent send off..............


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My grinder also arrived today. Supping my first Aeropress now. The grind was fanatically consistent compared to my old Delonghi. More sweetness in my Ethiopian beans too. I'm guessing things will get better as I read somewhere that the grinder will benefit from "seasoning"? Preferably with cheap beans. Personally, I'm just going to use my usual beans & will therefore have a better chance of gauging things. Still unsure of how to clean it. I used to clean my DeLonghi with a pastry brush.

But, as has been said, a very sturdy & well made but of kit & great customer service. E-mailing to keep me in the loop. Yep, definitely one of the "finds of the year".

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I'm very happy with mine as well. Grinds quite evenly and there is minimum retention/ clumping, so I can rotate beans very easily. Also posted a thread about this :)http://coffeeforums.co.uk/showthread.php?30967-Wilfa-WSCG-2-Svart-Nymalt-grinder


It feels to me miles ahead of any other grinder in same price range / form factor.


For cleaning, you can take off the hopper and the top burr comes off easily. I've been using the second R in Aeropress for my Hario. For Aeropress, you probably want a little bit finer.

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I tried eton the finest grinder settings which is named Moka. Bearing in mind the burrs need seasoning a little. The grind looked nice and consistent but did not have the powdery feel but certainly was not granular. I tried two shots, with a light tamp then a much firmer one. Both were gushers but, with a bit of practice I think I could improve on them. Will run some beans through and try to pull espresso again in a couple of weeks. Will stick with brewed for the moment.

I still think this is one of the most exciting budget grinders I have seen.

I love a decent send off..............


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