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Id say yes,, if the kettles clear of scale then the silvia should enjoy that same water too,, unless you barely ever use the kettle, or the kettles new, or your partner, if you have one, descales the kettle without telling you.


Thanks.....it's used two or three times each day and about three years old. Ha ha about the secret de scaling.....I'm afraid my wife just enjoys the cup of tea I take back up to her each morning!!! But I'm hoping to make her some excellent latte's soon, and espresso's for me. Cheers.

ACS Minima, Niche Zero and a VST 18g ridged basket.


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Just so you know brita cartridges started including some decalcifying resin in addition to the carbon filter a number of years back, but its still no substitution for proper water treatment. Treating your coffee machine to bottled water is quite kind though :)


You still will need to descale on occasions, as I think kettles tend to accumulate less scale than a boiler which repeatedly reboils the same water (not tested - just my observations from continuous soft water use)

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