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SOLD: TORR 58.55 TF (Trapeze Flat) INOX Sharp Edge - Made for VST

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Its with a heavy heart (and lighter wallet after buying a Mahlgut tamper) that I'm letting this go.


It's served me well in the month I've had it but due to my cack-handed tamping I bottled it and gone for a puck styled tamper (which in hindsight has given me one less thing to blame :)


As you'll see from the images its a beauty which was supplied by coffeechap. It's been a perfect fit for my 2 VST baskets (and my default SDB ones) leaving no strays up the edges. I just appear to have the wonkiest grip in the world.


£60 which will include postage too (or £55 if you're local enough to collect it from Sheffield).





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Not sure how the sales place works but think the seller has set the price.


I know it's a different selling scheme than the other site I frequent (AVForums)


I may be wrong but that's my thinking.

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I'm looking for a mod to flag up on this.


As I understand things El Carajillo was the first to offer asking price and he gets it. You didn't accept the counter offer made by Cambosheff until after the asking price was offered. @Glenn

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Dang24 has first right of refusal as cambosheff made an offer


If El carajillo had made an offer before cambosheff had replied then it would have been his


In this instance Dang24 has first right to buy

If the deal falls through then El carajillo should be offered the item

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If the offer had not been accepted (declined with no counter offer) then the first to make the full price offer would be the buyer

If the advert stated no offers then the first to offer full price would be the buyer


If a counter offer is published the person who made the original offer has first right of refusal

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Thanks Glenn for clearing it up.


I will accept the offer but in fairness to Cambosheff I'll pay the £60, if that's allowed?


If so, pm me your details and I'll get it sorted.



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Hi, Sorry if the confusion was caused as part of my listing (first time seller). As I read @Glenn replies now, as I made an offer @Dang24 has 1st refusal, which he's accepted.


As long as that spot on Glenn I'll send my details to Dang24.


Thanks for the clarification and apologies to @El carajillo if so.

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