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Puck prep: youtube copy & next time zone for same

Here is the Youtube saved version of today's Zoom on Puck Prep:



And so I can now announce the next Zoom call for puck prep:

Join Zoom Meeting



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One more thing -- what kills companies most often is money.  So, let me address that separately: We've only ever been self-funded, with money from me, my girlfriend and her mum. As of Januar

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Feasting, thanks to Peter Canadian Decent customer Peter Middleton messaged me a few days ago that he was so pleased with his Decent Espresso Machine, that he wanted to thank the team that had

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I've got a new supplier for the puck rakes and am ordering 1000pcs of each color.  The samples they made did arrive with needles bent, due to bad packaging (they were in plastic bags), but otherwise quite nice. 

We're going to experiment for the first time, with a "blister pack" form-fitting approach for this, because it holds the handle in place and nothing touches the needles during shipping.

I'm not usually a fan of plastic, but this is a case where the material is the right choice for the job.

These should arrive in about 2 months.  When I've got them in my hands, and can confirm that I'm happy, I'll re-open ordering on our web site, for our puck rakes. https://decentespresso.com/rake

Above is a photo of a hand-made blister pack we put together, to test the idea.

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Paul’s MDD coffee puck technique



Decent Espresso's Paul Chan developed what he calls the "multi-depth distribution" method for preparing an espresso coffee puck.  He swirls around the edges, with the puck rake in deep, and after one circular pass, starts to lift the puck rake up, and finishes with the center.  After a single tap of the portafilter, you can see that his coffee grounds are very evenly distributed, and make a very nice espresso shot.

But, we need a better name for this technique!  

This video is now in the Decent Guide to Espresso, in the newly rewritten Puck Prep section. 


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Decent Scale progress

I received a box of 40 scales 8 days ago, and have thoroughly checked every one of them, and I have submitted the testing protocol back to the supplier.

There other 960 scales are now being checked according to my specification.  They should arrive here next week, and then we’ll start to ship them to customers.  However, there are 600 orders, and only 3 people in the Boxing team, so it will likely take a week or two, to get all those orders out.

The 40 scales I have now are reserved for App programmers.  We are giving away free Decent Scales to people who have apps in the Google or Apple store, if they express interest in supporting the Decent Scale.  My goal is for this scale to be the first “open scale” and it will hopefully be supported by many apps.

I have fully documented the Bluetooth API https://decentespresso.com/decentscale_api and am providing free technical support to any programmer working on it.

We’ve recorded two videos about the scale, and they are being edited now. Hopefully they’ll be released next week.


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Decent Scale: tracking your gushers with 0.1g accuracy

Now with the Decent Scale https://decentespresso.com/scale even your worst espresso disasters can be tracked in high-speed, 0.1g precision, and charted for posterity on the de1app screen.


An explanation of this video:

A bunch of people have asked me to make a video showing the Decent Scale in action on the Decent Espresso Machine.

So, I asked Paul to make me an espresso in our studio, with some beans we'd just received.

The scale is paired, and is showing the flow-rate-into-the-cup as the brown line.

Unfortunately, the grind was *really* not dialed in, and so the espresso reached 33 grams in just 9 seconds.  A lovely "gusher".  Result: Paul is embarrassed.

Anyway, it's still a demo of the scale in use, and proof that Decent is not more immune to to screwing up, than anyone else.


I have 960 Decent Scales arriving from our supplier in a few days (they were shipped out yesterday), and we'll be sending them to the 600 pre-orders as fast as we can.  

As it's been a long time (some people have waited 4 years!) I'll be emailing all customers to confirm that we still have their current postal address.  We'll prioritize sending scales to those who confirm their address with us.

Some other scale news:

- Later this week we'll be posting two scale-related videos I shot with Mohammed. These cover (a) using the Scale as a plain-old-scale (no bluetooth) and (b) the scale being used with the Decent.  Ihti is our in-house videographer, as I hired him because of the thoughtful videos he did for his blog.

- Mohammed and I are reaching out to Android/iOS app developers, to see if we can entice them to add support for our scale. I'm sending them a free scale and 1-on-1 programming tech support. Lars, the programmer behind https://beanconqueror.com/ is our first take-up.


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Video: intro to the Decent Scale

Here's a video we finished today that discusses everything about the Decent Scale *except* how it works with the Decent Espresso Machine.   My goal was to have something for people who want to just know all about it, and don't own a Decent.

We've also filmed another video, now being edited, which is dedicated to DE1 use of the Decent Scale, and that should come out next week.

This video, like a few of my recent ones, is in a much more relaxed and conversational style with Mohammed, instead of the more intense/information-dense (and shorter) videos I made on my own, in the past. 

As always, I am guided by Steve Stockman's book "How to shoot video that doesn't suck" https://www.stevestockman.com/the-book/ whose principal point is: if you don't entertain, people won't watch.  

My earlier videos have been info-dense, but barely watched, so that needed to change.  Hopefully, many of you will like this easier-going video style.

The Decent Scale is now shipping, though it'll take about 2 weeks for us to work through the order backlog.  For more info: https://decentespresso.com/scale



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Decent Factory Production Schedule now online

At https://decentespresso.com/batches you'll now find a full accounting of every machine scheduled, in progress, and past (starting this year).  
- You can see every model we make, how many of them, and how long it takes us (in weekdays) to do that batch.  
- There's also an estimate of how far along we are for the "in progress" batches of machines.  
- And, you can see what we have planned for the next batches.  
- If a model you're contemplating buying is not in stock, this will give you a good estimate of when it will be available.
- Totals per month are given
- You'll note that we've been doing more batches each month, but taking more time to do each. This is because we added a 3rd assembly line at the end of April:



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Decent Scale in the Cold

Over on the Home Barista Forum, I was asked if the Decent Scale could work in near-freezing temperatures.  This espress glass weighs 124.0g at room temperature.... and the same when the scale (and batteries) have been sitting 6 hours in a 0ºC freezing-cold refrigerator.

I was also asked how hot conditions could get before the scale failed, but I'm not sure I want to put the scale in an oven to find out. =:-O

And before anyone asks... the LEDs on this scale as this was a beta model from December, that I still use for my own programming. The production scales use white-ish LEDs.


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