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My lead barista Hannifa spent 4 days last week making hundreds of drinks a the monster-large HOFEX trade show in Hong Kong.


The coffee cart had some issues.


Here's what we learned:


1) the 3M double-sided tape that we used to mount the Android tablets to our own-design tablet stands, didn't hold up to heavy use. We need to find a stronger adhesive (bottom right photo)


2) the magnets used to hold the printed signage allowed the signage to sag with time. We had to stack magnets at the bottom of the sign, making a magnetic ledge, to hold the signage in place. That was a bit of a hack.


3) the many magnets holding the fake-drawers in place on the IKEA table, also allowed sagging. The drawer fell at one point on Hannifa's foot (ouch!).


4) Don't assume that a pallet jack will be available. Two people showed up with small 4-wheeled trolleys and pushed the table FAST through the show floor. At one point, the table fell off the wheels, but surprisingly (for IKEA quality) the table held and didn't break. Big wheels mounted to the table would be been better.


Otherwise, things held up well.




Not sure if it would work as it adds a good 10mm of depth but 2m dual lock is rock solid and you can take the item on and off.

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I use a stainless steel olive pick for stirring the coffee grounds before tamping. Do a "stainless steel olive picks" search on amazon.

Before the tool that came with my londinium I used a small matcha whisk - they have the "hoops" like the Londinium one which help create homogeneity in my experience. If I lose/destroy the Londinium one I'd go back to a matcha whisk.

Spro === Compak E8 Redspeed / OE Pharos ---> The Rising Force Tamper ---> LR (IMS 35um + VST 18g) / Cafelat Robot Filter === OE Apex / OE Lido 3 ---> v60 (chemex papers) / Able brewing system / Aeropress Water === Osmio Zero

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We're a few weeks out from receiving the parts to be able to ship the DE1XL models, and I'm getting more questions about "what's different about it?". Same goes for the DE+ model. So, I made a video


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Unfortunately, about 20 machines last week got sent without a power cable.


I'm the one who screwed up.


Here's the backstory: our overall order volume has gone up 50% in the past three months, and my staff is having trouble keeping up. I decided to help do boxing for a few weeks. So: I changed the way in which these suitcases were made up.


With the new method, they were all done ahead of time, 10 at a time (instead of one at a time), and then, whoops, in changing the process, I forgot to put the power cable in. My bad, and my apologies again. I'm UPSing out cables to people where I screwed up.




Note that you can use a normal computer cable with your espresso machine for now, so at least you can make coffee while you wait for the better cable to arrive.


Here is a short film about how we used to box each machine, one at a time. It took 30 minutes for each.



My new way reduced this to 6 minutes per machine, though obviously there are some "bugs in the process" that need to be worked out. The power cable (which is unique for each order, based on destination country) was supposed to be included right before shipping. We have a checklist, but because I'd changed the process, I didn't use it. Lesson learned.



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