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Ready to hear the error of my ways!

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I'm an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to my coffee drinking I'm slowly coming up the ranks from Cadet Nescafe through Private Nespresso and up to my B2C.


I have an old B2C Jura C5 and I love the old girl, firstly maybe I should let you know I only drink expresso so no need so a super foamer (if super foamers exist, if not I'm sure there is a gap in the market) or anything else fancy.


It's done me well for the last couple off years, it saves space, is quick to use, clean and makes better coffee than the local Superbucks down the road right from my kitchen. Due to the newest addition to the family in the form of a 6 month old little fella called Charlie my coffee numbers have lifted from an amateur 2 doubles a day to the 5 -6 mark including the very enjoyable - it's 3.30 in the morning Charlie, I have to leave for work at 7 why do I get the feeling we wont be going back to bed by then coffee?


I'm new to the forum and there seems to be a lot of B2C battering going on, so I'm wondering if I'm missing a trick?


I'm fully prepared to be led into the light with a whole new system but is it worth it for someone who loves how easy the Jura is with one click to switch on and one more to make a coffee?

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Welcome to the forum!

We had a delonghi B2C machine for a few years, it was a wedding gift.

In hindsight it made dreadful coffee but at the time we accepted that it was better than anything available the high street where we live. We were using has bean etc so it wasn't all bad.

We wanted to upgrade, but had no idea what we were doing. I spent hours on this forum researching machines/grinders, eventually deciding on a used super jolly and new la spaziale s1 mini. The difference is mind blowing and has been well worth the time (and money!). It has developed into something of an obsession but I wouldn't go back to the B2C. You will get some great advice from forum members around a range of alternatives for whatever your budget or the level of 'faff' you want. Happy searching :)

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Thanks for all the points so far so before I joined I was thinking off jumping into the Jura Giga range, I'm thinking now I'm going to have to rethink this whole B2C thing.


Is bigger always bigger when it comes to a coffee machine? The wife lets me have my corner in the kitchen but if I end up with something like they have in Cafe Zero sat on the kitchen side my pocket money may be put on hold for a little while!

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There are lots of decent compact size machines that will knock the socks off any B2C machine. Size doesn't always equate to quality. Don't forget to factor in for a separate grinder.


Where are you based Samp? Perhaps we can recommend you a decent independent coffee shop where you can experience what we call decent coffee.... it will give you a good benchmark to compare to your current B2C set up. These results should be achievable at home with decent beans, grinder, machine and lots of practise.

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Hi Green Bean,


I totally agree with all said with regard to B2C and the alternatives. I personally would never enjoy the B2C having been spoiled over the years with a great grinder and a single group Bezzera. The pleasure to pull a shot and choose the grinding, the amount and the shot time is difficult to describe.


My wife loves her coffee in the morning and this is how I have got my corner. :)


Even the best B2C of La Cimbali and Nuova Simonelli do not do it for me, and I have tasted quite a bit of them.


Good luck with your next steps, whatever you choose enjoy the experience :).

Nothing succeeds as planned.


ACS Vesuvius, Nuova Simonelli Apia I 1 gr, San Remo 1 gr., Bezzera BZ35e, Fracino Heavenly, Saeco Via Veneto Combi de Luxe, Mythos Plus Nuova Simonelli, Anfim Super Lusso, Cunill Space, Gene Cafe

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