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SOLD: Mazzer Super Jolly - Modded and Sprayed - £250

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Due to imminent upgrade my venerable Super Jolly is up for sale. Serial number indicates it is 2004. Read on...


Originally purchased from @funinacup (Michael) so keeping it in the forum family.


Michael replaced the doser bottom mechanism assembly. Doser mechanism action feels like new.


At some point, like many SJs it seems, it took a knock to the doser, denting the metal and cracking the plastic window. Credit to Michael he managed to return this to the correct shape and polish it up. Extremely unnoticeable unless you go looking for it and I have replaced the doser window with a new one.


I recently fitted new, genuine Mazzer burrs. I estimate it has had less than 5kgs through it since, so these are probably not even run in. Will last a lifetime.


Has what I believe is the only purple laser cut grind setting ring, made by the forum's timmyjj21. Essential upgrade IMO and looks fantastic.


Solid stainless steel adjustment rod. Made by me.


Includes grounds tray!


Has original Mazzer hopper. Small crack in the bottom, not visible when fitted. Doesn't affect operation.


Lens hood for single dosing, but also includes Custom aluminium and stainless steel single-dosing mechanism. Made by me. Combined with clean sweep mod I have done there is +/-0.1g retention (my scales can't measure any more accurately). Typically 18g in, 18g out.


Sanded, primered, and resprayed in 'BMW Sparkling Graphite Metallic'. Small chip towards the bottom left. Quite unnoticeable.


Oh and it has a new Mazzer badge on the back.


I'm in Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire but work in Glasgow. Collection preferred but am willing to post at your own cost and risk.


£250. Pictures to follow.

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Added grounds tray
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Sorry jumbo images there. Also just remembered that I tapped the holes for the portafilter fork. Not sure if my SJ is different for some reason but originally my fork was held on with bolts that went through a clear hole on the body to a nut on the inside of the casing. Very odd way of doing things IMO. I tapped the holes on the body so the fork is screwed directly to the body. This also means if you wished to remove the fork, you can insert screws or similar to blank the holes instead of having two gaping holes on the front of the body.


Any questions give me a shout.

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thanks coffeechap - I left a bit of information out - what is likely to break if it is sent via courier? This looks like a good grinder with the mods.


I think thats what he is saying, if it's bomb proof a courier would have to try pretty hard to damage it.


You are right that the hopper is the weakest part, but packed correctly it will be fine, and the chances are you wont use it anyway... The dosing mech in the throat that risky has made for this is designed to put in a small amount of beans (20-30g at a guess) and then a weight evenly presses these onto the burrs. This way you dont have to constantly put away hundreds of grams of coffee every time you use the grinder.

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The doser can be removed (it just unscrews) if that makes it less likely to be damaged in transit but these things are solid as Dave says.


A quick look on parcel2go suggests postage would be about £10? There are experts on here better placed to advise on which courier would be suitable though.

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Insurance on the shipping will likely double that price or more Risky.


All couriers have drivers who dont give a shit. For me DPD are the most reliable.

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