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Ceado E37S Owners Thread

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21 minutes ago, tripleshot said:

I took the burrs off today to give them a good clean. I put them back and I think the sound of grinding is not quite as smooth as before and I may be imagining it but I think I can see a slight wobble in the bottom grinder see video

I hear stories of other people having mis-aligned burrs, could that be the case here or am i just listening too much into it? I double checked the screws are all secure and there doesn't seem to be much that can go in the wrong alignment with this design. A related question is how the heck are you meant to clean the burrs properly without taking them off if by taking them off you end up with other issues?

Any advice?

Hi there, did you clean the burrs by removing the burrs like burr replacement or you are just unscrew the 3 top screws to clean the upper and lower burr with a brush and vacuum? 

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The E 37S dos not work well as a single dose grinder. Although you may get the correct dose of coffee, a considerable portion of that coffee will be from the previous grind session= stale coffee. For

This. I purge around 10g every morning due to this, and there needs to be at least 300g of beans in the hopper (or equivalent weight) for consistency.   The E37s is simply not an appropriate

UNPLUG from power.  Remove the top burr carrier and thoroughly clean out any coffee. Make sure the 3 stand up wiper arms are clean as the coffee can build up in front of them ( particularly if you adj

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Just now, tripleshot said:

I removed the burrs like burr replacement so detached them from the unit. Was this the wrong thing to do?!

You shouldn’t be doing that instead as advised by my dealer. In this case, if you are getting misaligned burrs then you will have to send back for service. But if you are lucky enough, you might get the settings back. Curious to know why did you remove the burrs if you are just doing the cleaning 😅

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Oh no what a pain! I removed them because I couldn't get all the stuck grinds off with just a brush and a hoover. I am sure I had seen a video where it suggested doing a deep clean in this manner (but can't recall where).

Does it sound like mis-aligned burrs to you? What do mis-aligned burrs sound/look/behave like? Is sending back for service the only way? I've only been at this for 2 weeks, what a numpty 😞

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Sorry, a very important piece of information I left out which I'd forgotten until now. When the bottom burr was detached I accidentally dropped one of the screws in the housing. I turned the grinder upside down to get the screw out. I'm horrified now that that had something to do with this. 

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I gave the following method a go, only messed around with the upper burr and it took an hour but by the end the ink rubbed off far more evenly than it did when I first started. No idea if it has improved the taste of my shots, impossible to do a blind taste test but the grinder makes far less noise when the burrs are slowing down to stop and you don't hear the *chirp* that was there previously.

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I looked through this thread, and couldn't necessarily find anyone with the same issue I've been facing so here goes.

I got my E37S last week, and have been running into some serious clog / jamming problems. Essentially, I can grind coarsely no problem (I get an 18g in 36g out shot in 10 seconds or so), but as soon as I start to get past a certain point, I stop being able to get any beans ground (they essentially get mashed in the burrs, so I have to clean the burrs out). For me, this point is somewhere around "1.5" if "0" is when the burrs just touch.

I've also noticed the chute clogs up a bit sometimes (this has the new static flap), but that doesn't seem to be causing this issue (as even if I clear it, I still get nothing out, the beans just kinda mash around in there). Even if I adjust the grind size coarser as I'm grinding (when they're stuck), it just won't grind.

I thought it could be related to the beans (because the ones I was using might have been stale), but even with fresh beans, I just can't get it fine enough without getting jammed up in the burrs.

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas of what I might be doing wrong?

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Are you adjusting with the grinder running ?

Are you adjusting with beans in the grind chamber ?

Both of the above  can cause the ground beans to backup and compact in front of the 3 wiper arms.

Only small amounts of grounds are then pushed out being the very last ones ground.

Lift the top off and look to see if there is a compacted line of grounds in front of the wiper arms, clear this out and wipe the grind chamber with K/roll to remove any oily residue.

Also check the flap moves freely.




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As above. I also use cotton buds and push them through the chute from burr chamber outwards while rotating the burrs back and forth by hand after clearing the chamber and front of the wiper arms. It's also a good idea to really clean and even polish the inside of the chute (not with any compound, just maybe kitchen roll or a clean dry mini soft polishing wheel on a rotary tool).

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