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FS: 2005 Gaggia Classic £100, Rancilio wand, OPV mod, new seals

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2005 Gaggia Classic for sale.


The machine had a complete strip down. The boiler received an internal inspection and manual descaled with a dremel rotory brass brush. I replaced the original OPV with an old style larger, brass OPV. These tend to be more durable and have a larger outlet, so less chance of blocking. OPV has been adjusted to 10bar.

All high pressure seals were replaced with new silicone ones and the group seal and shower screen are brand new. The boiler bolts have been upgraded to stainless steel for easy removal next time.

Finished off with a Rancilio steam wand.


More photos available on request and inspections in London are more than welcome. I am very close to Notting Hill Gate tube station.

Considering the other Classics currently advertised, this one is priced to match at £100.








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Sorry if I offended. I was doing several things at once, which is always dangerous, and admit that both responses in my last post were a little short.


But I also didn't take your offer too seriously, considering your post on my other sale thread.

I've made you an offer on your 2005 model... ;-)


So to give elaboration and reconciliation - I'm sorry, but I do consider your offer a little low, especially including postage.

Other stripped and refurbished classics have been advertised at £150 and newer machines at £120. All appear to have been selling for £100 or more. Excluding the odd outlying bargain which also included attachments like naked portafilter, I believe this machine is well priced. I do, however, realise that there are a few for sale at present, and it is a buyers market.;):good:

Considering that a broken one off eBay is usually £45-£55 without postage and a "working" one is considered a bargain at £65, I believe that a certain price needs to be reached.

Feel free to reconsider your offer if you still wish to purchase.

And yes, I know I use the $ symbol occasionally in my posts, my poor Australian keyboard doesn't have £ and I need to copy and past all the time. Annoying.

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Spoke to friend:


I could do £100 inc postage paid today via paypal - no messin' ;-)


Can you do that - I'll even say please again - please?


If you can - we have a deal.

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Pwoar!... You really are pressing for a bargain. Regrettably I have to decline. By the time I factor in buying or scavenging a box, buying bubble wrap, packing it up and paying for postage it, is not an attractive option for me. I would greatly prefer someone to pick it up, or I can probably deliver to someone in Central London with negotiation depending on commute needed.

I am also leaving today to visit some Puffins (Skomer Island in Wales) and will be away 5 days. I will be without internet for a lot of this time, as there is no reception on the island.

I held off advertising elsewhere, thinking it was a good machine at a good price and would be snapped up, but I will reconsider when I get back.

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I have a work colleague who is thinking about starting his home espresso obsession (with my help), and while I was steering him down the Silvia route, this looks like it might meet his intrigue at a better price for his wallet. I'll speak to him early next week and if he's interested you might have a buyer at asking. I'll try and get back to you on this sooner rather than later.

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No go classy: use Lavazza pre-ground buddy - it'll work fine.


TBH the Graef will do, but you need to go OCD like the rest of us really.


Sure you like a little OCD?

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