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I was wondering if anybody has one of these ROK espresso machinges? I've recently paired it with a grinder that'll help me get to an espresso grind.

This morning I've used 16grams of beans ground to setting 18 on the Sage pro grinder and that was my best result (I didn't measure water in but filled it to the top and didn't weigh or measure my resulting espresso). This was my best result so far but it wasn't great.

I previously ground finer and with more beans (started at about 18 from memory) and water just came out over the top of the portafilter and hardly any through the coffee, so I was trying to get into the right ball park with fairly big changes before starting to focus in more. I assumed it was too fine because I didn't tamp terribly hard (using the plastic tamp/scoop that comes with it) but the water just sat on top of the coffee and found it's own way out.

If anybody is successfully using it, I'd really appreciate your experiences and recipe :)

Everything my heart could desire (more or less). . .



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Just in case their is anybody lurking, with a ROK Espresso Machine, I'm starting to get very slightly better and figured I'd share it. I'm using Reverse Osmosis water so I know people say that has a tendency to be more acidic. I've actually found I really like it with brewed coffee and I think it'll be OK for espresso if I manage to refine my technique more. Once that's done I'll try playing with adding more tap water in etc. to see if I can get a better ratio.

I'm not saying much below that isn't covered in some videos but I sometimes find it handy to read as well as see videos + repetition is key because it's so easy to forget things when you're new to it.

So Using the ROK:

Pre-heating the ROK seems to be very important and is achieved by letting water sit in the water "reservoir" and warming your portafilter in hot water as well (I tend to use boiling water in a cup for the portafilter). I'll let that sit for a couple of minutes. Then drain the water basket by raising and lowering the arms (with the portafilter inserted or it'll go everywhere).

Dry the basket and grind your beans + tamp - I'm using the plastic spoon tamper and awaiting one from Made by Knock that's supposed to fit.

Fill the water reservoir with freshly boiled water (if you fill too much then you'll have too much pressure. I aim for about halfway full between the metal and the top of the reservoir), then pull the levers up gently and start to pull them down. When you feel light resistance this could be thought of as pre-infusion and once your pre-infusion time has passed (I'm currently trying around 5 seconds) then pull the levers down to the sides to get your espresso.

I've just tried this with El Diablo beans from the Roast Den: 5 seconds "pre-infusion", additional 22 seconds drawing the levers down, 13g of espresso ground to setting 20 on a Sage Pro grinder and a 65g drink at the end.


It was more water than I intended but my smaller scales won't sit very well under the cup on the ROK, so I had to measure it afterwards. I'll adjust that down next time, add slightly more coffee and try again. The taste, to me, was like an old school italian espresso, not much nuance but I enjoy that style and I'm pretty pleased I can even get that. I'm going to try and get it right using more heavy roast beans to start with and then go on to some of the more "interesting" beans that you could get.


I'm going to post other questions I have in the parts of the forum where I hope people will see them :-).

Everything my heart could desire (more or less). . .



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