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Agree you do get lots of dry dog food stuffed full of fillers like rice, wheat, oats etc but there are some good ones out there.


Always found http://www.allaboutdogfood.co.uk a useful site for dog food reviews


This site is very helpful. Through it I found Eden Holistic Dog Food. Don't be put off by the New Agey Holistic crap. It is actually an extremely good feed which is as close to BARF as you will get with a dry kibble. It is 80-20 which means 80% meat (and in this case it is even mean human grade meat off the bone for the majority of the protein) and 20% appropriate vegetables. NO GRAIN OR WHITE POTATO rubbish nor does it include beet fibre as a filler. My Lab is extremely happy on it. His coat is extremely shiny and his BMs are small, pretty much odor free and firm. When I feed him Skinner's as recommended by the breeder is was a very different story. Massive, loose and smelly BMs.


Zeebo needs a little extra fibre in his diet, so each day I feed him two tablespoons of cooked and mashed butternut squash. That helps keep the BMs firm which is a plus when you are picking the stuff up.


Eden is also quite inexpensive on a daily basis because you feed less per day because it is high quality and not bulked up with fillers (like grains, white potato or beet fibre). It seems to fill him up and keep him full. Well as much as you can with a Lab because they are greedy so and so's and will always be giving you the puppy eyes when there is food about.

Coffee. Because sarcastic humour is wrong. 

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I use Eden dry dog food. If you have a working dog they sell a vat free version ☺


Eden Holistic Dog Food. Makes you think of a bunch of hippies cranking out dog food.


BTW it's VAT free if you SAY you have a working dog.

Coffee. Because sarcastic humour is wrong. 

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totally unspoilt - no coffee chains here :D






If I remember correctly my lecturer said sometimes you have to watch for the odd big displacement of water at the shore edge.....apparently due to submarines not too off shore displacing the water when they rise up.


Cant wait to go back.

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totally overcast here today otherwise the bed would be positioned in the sun or they wouldn't be on it.


Luckily our dogs teflon coated, the dirt just disintegrates in a matter of moments,, only bathed him maybe 3 times in a decade.


Proper honked here and had to get in the back of the car,, pushed his ball under the bed of a semi dried up pond and stuck his head in up to his eyes to get it.

He looks too pleased with himself



Mud doesnt last long



Only threw the ball once, this is how he came back


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Off to see a couple of Boston Terriers in the next few days so hopefully will join in here. [emoji1303]

Big fan of boston terriers here. Just try to make sure they are clear of hereditary cataracts as its prevalent in boston terriers.

The stud and dam should both have had DNA tests for this and a variety of other conditions so they are not passed on.



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Ours just smell. The JRT permanently sheds and part of his "illness" means he is terrified of being brushed. The big lad has a double coat, so again benefits from the occasional wash- though he never really smells clean unless weve splashed out on the groomers- usually once every couple of years. We are put to shame by next door who shows her dogs(to crufts level!) And sets up in the garden with tables and showers and hand stripping- I have a jug of soapy water and the hosepipe!

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