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What movie did you watch last night?


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Passengers - good premise, could have worked the ethical side to develop the characters but instead they made a romance. Jennifer Lawrence charming but script pretty two dimensional. Michael Sheen fun but in no way stretched. Effects were good. I sort of liked it but I'm not sure why.

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Have watched a few movies at the cinema over the past two days...




'American Assassin' is one of fifteen novels by Vince Flynn set in the world of counter-terrorism operative Mitch Rapp. Every single one has been a New York Times best-seller, the three most recent entries have been number one New York Times best-sellers, and the series has sold nearly 20 million copies as of Oct 2015.


This is the 11th book in the series but the first in chronological order.


Entertaining, suspenseful and some good action. Quite enjoyed this. Michael Keaton puts in a very good performance.


Kingsman double-bill.




Didn't watch this originally at the cinema as the teaser trailer for some reason made me think this was going to be a British period drama. Waited for the home release and was pleasantly surprised that it was quite the opposite.




Thoroughly enjoyed this. Entertaining, some great characters with plenty of humour and action throughout.








Trailers for the sequel looked decent with lot of new characters played by big Hollywood stars and loads of action. Went in hoping this would be at least as good as the original movie, if not better. Sadly it was neither.


The American characters ruined it for me. Some had minor parts and the only reason for their inclusion seemed to make the movie appeal to a wider audience.


A few good action set pieces but not as many as the trailers portrayed.


Overall, felt disappointed compared to the previous instalment.



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Worth noting the different views amongst the cinema multi-chains on Kingsman double-bill.


Cineworld IMAX (which would have been my first choice) wanted £18.70 per person and would not allow a Meerkat 2-4-1 code to be used. So, almost £38 for two people.


Vue charged the same price as one movie and allowed the use of a Meerkat code. Worked out £3.50 a movie in VIP leather seats in London. Can't grumble with that.


These multi-chains need to do more to entice customers to watch movies at their cinemas imo in today's world where more and more choose to wait for the home release and watch at home or on the move and save quite a bit of money.


I prefer watching all of the major releases on the big screen without having to part with an arm and a leg!


Vue introduced Super Saver Monday last week. £3.99 for any 2D movie at participating cinemas all day on Mondays. £4.99 for London cinemas (West End, Leicester Square excluded).


Just register on their website for your own personalised code which you can use online or in person at the cinema. Valid for up to 10 tickets per Monday. [emoji1303]

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Watched this for the first time last night. Absolutely brilliant. A bunch of colourful, really funny characters. Great story, amazing animation and cool soundtrack.




Highly recommended.




Anything Wes Anderson is a win. Strangely enough I think it was Bill Murrays birthday yesterday

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