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What movie did you watch last night?

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Watched the legends yesterday whilst looking after my daughter. It was not a good idea. lol. Gonna have to watch it again as I was quite good even half watching. Tom Hardy played the brothers well.


Im looking forward to seeing that film too.

I backed onto the cemetery where the twins are buried, took my dog and went and payed my respects


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Parasite...... It was actually very good :-) Initially a fun gentle comedy - with "questions" raised about the haves & the have nots.... the class divide... rich vs poor... Then wh

What did you think of the “throat” scene? I thought it was fairly gruesome. Tom Hardy is an absolute unit though.

Not really.

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Batman V Superman and my god was I bored, these marvel type movies are way too much, meh, I'm going to watch DOTD again tonight to remind myself how awesome a movie can be.


We don't believe in what you're doing here, Sarah. Hey, you know what they keep down here in this cave? Man, they got the books And the records of the top 100 companies. They got the Defense Department budget down here. And they got the negatives for all your favorite movies. They got microfilm with tax return and newspaper stories. They got immigration records, census reports, and they got the accounts of all the wars and plane crashes and volcano eruptions and earthquakes and fires and floods and all the other disasters that interrupted the flow of things in the good ole U.S. of A. Now what does it matter, Sarah darling? All this filing and record keeping? We ever gonna give a shit? We even gonna get a chance to see it all? This is a great, big 14 mile TOMBSTONE! with an epitaph on it that nobody gonna bother to read. Now, here you come. Here you come with a whole new set of charts and graphs and records. What you gonna do? Bury them down here with all the other relics of what... once... was? Let me tell you what else. Yeah, I'm gonna tell you what else. You ain't never gonna figure it out, just like they never figured out why the stars are where they're at. It ain't mankind's job to figure that stuff out. So what you're doing is a waste of time, Sarah. And time is all we got left, you know. What I'm doing is all there's left to do. Shame on you. There's plenty to do. Plenty to do, so long as there's you and me and maybe some other people. We could start over, start fresh, get some babies and teach 'em, Sarah, teach 'em never to come over here and dig these records out. You want to put some kind of explanation down here before you leave? Here's one as good as any you're likely to find. We've been punished by the creator. He visited a curse on us. So we might get a look at... what hell was like. Maybe didn't want to see us blow ourselves up and put a big hole in the sky... maybe he just wanted to show us he was still the bossman. Maybe he figured we was getting too big for our britches... trying to figure his shit out.


Ooooooh yeah, the best Zombie flick ever. :)

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Watched Silent Hill: Revelations and also Beverly Hills Cop II last night,, both had hills in the title and where part 2 !


Silent hill : revelation,, strictly for fans of the first film,,, done nothing for me,, gory, but no story




Beverly Hills Cop II it happened to be on and I wasnt tired so watched it as i hadnt seen it in years,, not bad, but very much of an era



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Thought Tony Scott did a great job on this sequel. Also haven't seen it in years but would if there wasn't so many movies in my...'to watch list'.


There was a Beverly Hills Cop tv movie made in 2013 which featured Eddie Murphy plus Brandon T. Jackson who played Aaron Foley (Axel's son).


Beverly Hills Cop IV is in the pipeline, directed by Brett Ratner. Think they're having creativity problems with the script though, lol! [emoji15][emoji16]

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Thought Tony Scott did a great job on this sequel. Also haven't seen it in years but would if there wasn't so many movies in my...'to watch list'.


There was a Beverly Hills Cop tv movie made in 2013 which featured Eddie Murphy plus Brandon T. Jackson who played Aaron Foley (Axel's son).


Beverly Hills Cop IV is in the pipeline, directed by Brett Ratner. Think they're having creativity problems with the script though, lol! [emoji15][emoji16]


I think i saw Eddie Murphy as credited with the script writing on II.


Watched eXistenZ last night. Again another movie ive seen before, but ages ago.


thoroughly enjoyed it, , big sci-fi and game fan and this combines the two. I must like Jude Law,, seen quite a few of his films lately and he impresses me as an actor



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Superman double-bill split over two days.




First up, Blu-Ray of Man of Steel. Saw this when originally released in IMAX but this was the first time since then so a good three years. Transfer was good and audio track pretty decent too especially the bass during the scenes where the world engine fires its beams into the earth.


Overall I think Zak Snyder didn't do too bad a job. Henry Cavill was pretty good as Superman. Costume was decent. Showing flashbacks rather than him growing up put a slightly different twist on what was done in Superman The Movie. Amy Adams made a better Lois Lane than Margot Kidder imo.




Bit late to the party on watching Batman v Superman, again in 3D IMAX, as a fair few of you have all seen it days/weeks ago. Bit gutted that it was no longer showing in the brand new IMPACT screen with Dolby Atmos sound system that opened a couple of months ago! [emoji53]


Bit of a mess, this movie. Think they tried cramming too much into it due to wanting to put out Justice League part one asap.


Things I liked was Batman's suit, made Ben Affleck look proper buff! Batmobile was good. In fact Affleck, despite all the haters out there, did a pretty good job I thought. Certainly better than I expected and I didn't think he'd quite cut it after how great Christian Bale was in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.


Gal Gadot looked excellent as Wonder Woman. So glad they enhanced her outfit and filled out her chest as the poor lady is very flat otherwise. Total injustice with her looks!


Aquaman and The Flash cameos almost may as well not have been included, they were so brief. Cyborg, not really familiar with that character.


Disappointed but not surprised that there is no extra scene included during or at the end of the credits as is the case with all Marvel movies.


DC Comics is lagging behind Marvel movies imo by quite some way and I don't see them catching up or bettering them anytime soon. Shame!



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Finally got to watch the new Star Wars film having avoided all spoilers for the last few months.


The missus is away in France, dog walked, horses/cats/goat fed.


Hmmm. Good in patches.


I've always been far more of a Trekkie than a Warsie (is that a thing?) and this didn't change my mind.


Bearing in mind JJ Abrams did a pretty mediocre job of the first Star Trek reboot, but then Joss Whedon came in and totally delivered the second one, maybe they could get Joss to do the next Star Wars as well.



edit - getting my movies confused. I think JJ Abrams actually did both. Still prefer Joss - Firefly was pure class!

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Finally got round to watching The Wolverine.

Quite a good film really, i guess i was a bit surprised how much i liked it seeing as how i like my superheroes to be normal people with decent kit, think iron man and batman.

Superb sound to the film, , really gave my speakers a work out,, the explosion at the start and the train fight scene were awesome.


Hugh Jackman was well pumped for this movie,, quite a versatile actor.



Watched Room 237.


This very much interested me. Some of it was a bit,, hhmmmm, really? whilst some did make me wonder

Is the shining Stanley Kubricks account of his involvement in the making of the fake moon landing? surely not, but did give me something to think about, so many references in the movie.


Well worth watching if you like Stanly Kubrick or just the film The Shining



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Was disappointed with The Wolverine. Was hoping to finally get a R-rated version that adult fans had been waiting for since X-Men and X-Men 2 in which he was decent. Five appearances later and still waiting! Thought the story was disappointing. Want to see more of Wolverine's foes/enemies from the comics, not like there's any shortage of them!


Originally Darren Aronofsky (who directed the excellent Pi and Requiem for a Dream) was to direct it but pulled out for fear of his life during the earthquakes Japan were experiencing around the time.


Believe his next solo Wolverine movie will be the last by Hugh Jackman?

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Watched Sicario after hearing many good things about it. Enjoyed it but not as much as I was expecting to. Maybe it'd been hyped too much. Still enjoyable with some good action scenes and plot interesting.

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Watched Mud last night.


Highly recommend this film, which id describe as a coming of age drama \ adventure set in mississippi.

Very easy to watch. It had Sarah Paulson in who was in the people Vs OJ simpson,, she looked very different



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I watched this a while ago as it was in the DVD library in a cottage we rented in Pembrokeshire.


"One of the most nail-biting thrillers of the year" - I'm not sure what genre I would categorise this film in, but thriller ain't it!


Just made me really hate mobile phone ringtones

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Watched Locke last night.


Great performance from Tom Hardy, and was quite enjoying the film then it ended. Just ended. I felt cheated.




I felt cheated two minutes into it, bored the crap out of me, man drives in car and talks to people on phone......

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Heath Ledger. Won an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role after he passed away. Believe that was the first time one was awarded in such circumstances? Also won a Golden Globe for the same performance.


There's been several posthumous oscar wins.


Only 2 for acting though, Peter Finch for Network and Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight



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Went to see the Jungle Book the other night. I'd have to say it was pretty good. Yes I know it's a kids Disney movie but what can I say I grew up with the jungle book and I had to go and see it when it came out. Lol



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