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What method do you use to make coffee at work?

What method do you use to make coffee at work?  

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  1. 1. What method do you use to make coffee at work?

    • Instant Coffee
    • Vending Machine
    • Brewed Coffee (French Press/V60/Kalita/Chemex/Sowden etc)
    • Aeropress
    • Espresso Machine
    • Nespresso Machine (or similar capsule machine)
    • Other (please describe below)

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pre-Covid and working from home was a combination of aeropress and heading out to the local coffeeshop. Company had 2 coffee machines that could do a variety of espresso based drinks.. but was alway fill with rubbish beans.

WFH - joys of my lelit mara!

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This is now going to be my method of making coffee at work. Several months in the making. Just finished it!

Now I've moved ye olde LaPav and Niche combo to my workplace. I'm constantly rotating equipment to improve technique by using it throughout the day ?  

Dave.   Going to work for me means getting up, going downstairs and walking to the desk. At the end of the day - I do the same thing in reverse. I try to pan my day out so that I can have Da

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We use a moccamaster, it's great but I'm the only one who buys decent coffee beans, I use a small grinder and they all take the p... Proverbial out of me.  They drink my coffee though.. Lol


You would be surprised how many times I get asked to make coffee... 

Fortunately, I also have a moccamaster for home too. 

As we are in lock down I mean 

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I mostly use a rather ancient filter machine like this one - it must be from the 90s judging by the design of it. Can't say I ever get particularly good results with it, so I mostly use cheap supermarket coffee in it. I'm the only one who uses it as everyone else in the office prefers instant coffee to filter. Yeah, one of those offices.

I did used to take my Aeropress in, but I got sick of people staring at me and asking inane questions about it. When I have to work the occasional weekend (on my own - bliss) in the office then I'll take in my V60 as that's my preferred method these days. Well, that was before Covid-19 left me working from home...

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I still remember my first day at my current work, 7 odd years ago...colleague offered me a coffee, and when I said of course they opened the cupboard and took out the jar of instant :) Needless to say by end of day there was a frenchpress in the cupboard. With time a hand grinder and an Aeropress were added, but many still can't be bothered to do a little bit of effort.

Unfortunately draconian rules on electrical equipment means no electric powered equipment is allowed :(

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I was using a one cup French press but it's my least favourite brewing method, and cleaning out the grounds was blocking the sinks. I've recently picked up the smaller Clever Brewer and it's improved my work coffee game massively. 


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I have an espresso setup at home and was considering purchasing a second hand Gaggia Classic and grinder for work. In the end I went for a V60, Stagg EKG and Comandante C40 combo to replace my Aeropress and a Porlex Mini (v1) which were not giving great results. I like the 'ritual' of doing a V60 pourover and find the process quite relaxing. Work colleagues are all tea drinkers or instant coffee drinkers; they thought the Aeropress was faffy so weren't that surprised when I started a V60 with even more steps ! Some thought I was going too far when I started bringing in my own softened water[emoji1]20210303_122953.jpg

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Well.... like many others I now work from home. I've accumulated a lot more stuff in my kitchen so have downsized to an Aeropress. My Gaggias will be up for sale. I can't part with my Mazzer Major though - that stays!!

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Lido 3, V60 01, Ember mug, whatever light roast I got at the time.

One cup at 07:00
One cup at 12:00

The brown stuff that comes out of the coffee machines at work are not for human beings with intact tastebuds.

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Ordered a small clever dripper in preparation for return to the office. Will also try and support whatever shops are still going for espresso.

PMA all day!

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Used to use an aeropress at my old job and ground the beans in the kitchen area which worked great. New job, and the kitchen area is not great or ideal for any prep at all, as its a small area with hardly any counter space in a large canteen, away from my desk. I've started cold brewing over night, making concentrate, which I 1:1 with hot water at work instead! 

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Haven’t been in an office for over a year. When I was it was the Aeropress and porlex mini. Can’t count how many times I’d get weird looks and comments as I stood in the kitchen area - mainly asking if I was doing drugs 🤷‍♂️

Gaggia Classic PID & Niche Zero

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