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Hi all,


been lurking a while, though I should post though :)


Lots of great posts on here and lots of great info.



Had a Delonghi Nespresso machine for a while, but about 8 months ago, bought a Chemex, Hario Skerton Grinder and some HasBean coffee and haven't looked back.


In fact thanks to Philips doing 40% off I bought a Gaggia Classic, and the Nespresso is on eBay (not used it for a while (a year maybe)

Now I just need to do more research on the Gaggia/tweaks and get an electric grinder, been eyeing up the Eureka Mignon and maybe a bottomless portafilter?


any advice to get the best from the classic are welcome





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I think the new Classics ship with the pressurised basket for pods. If you want to use it with ground coffee, it may be worth investigating now and if necessary, ordering an unpressurised basket.

It may also be worth investigation the OPV mod while you are waiting.

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Quite right - Classic is set up for pods and ground coffee using the pressurised portafilter basket. Ditch the portafilter basket and get some stock 58mm ones - cheap to buy unless you want to use branded ones like VST, Strada et al. Once familiar with the machine, it's a good idea to reduce bar pressure from factory set 15bar to somewhere in the region of 9-10bar. Not difficult to do but you will need a modified portafilter with a manometer attached. There's one floating around the forum which members can borrow to complete the task.


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