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Sourdough & Feeding The Starter


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This is bit different style of bread, Polish style :)

Whole grain flour (rye and wheat) from stone mill powered by water, rye sourdough, sunflower seed, poppy seeds, salt, honey. On top Nigella sativa and sesame seeds. 

It is fresh and tasty even 10 days after being baked.



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12 hours ago, aaroncornish said:

I’ll give most of them away

I am toying with opening a microbakery - so getting the practise in

This bake was to use us some caputo flour. Got a sack before lockdown that has not got used - not had anyone round for pizza for months

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Hope it all goes well for you.

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16 minutes ago, Border_all said:

This may be sacrilegious in this thread 😁 but are any of you bread lovers using a bread machine? If so what machine please

Sacrilegious?? It's akin to saying out loud the real title of the Scottish play to actors!

Had a Panasonic years back - produced decent bread if you are happy with fast acting yeast. If you are interested, head over to Amazon and read the reviews. 

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54 minutes ago, aaroncornish said:

The Panasonic breadmakers are great

A Sunday tradition of mine (before Sourdough) was to put a strew in the slow cooker and a bread in the bread machine, then go out for a long walk. Coming back to the smell of stew and fresh bread was amazing!

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Thank you i did notice Panasonic are well the only one i found that offer a sourdough function   Locally we have Thomas the Bakers who sell wonderful sourdough bread unfortunately not always available 👍

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1 hour ago, The Systemic Kid said:

True sourdough takes many hours to complete start to finish. How does the Panasonic deal with this - am intrigued. 

That’s a great question. I am thinking you still use a live culture and add in the recipe 

This one or something like it was what i had looked at. The are at the moment hard to find though


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