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I’ve tried to ignore this but i can’t anymore.  This forum has a long and deep history of experimenting and telling each other what we did and how we did it. Sometimes we have something to celebrate

Black Cat Chocolate Point helping me with my first recognisable fern latte art. Taken a few weeks but I think I'm starting to get the feel for milk steaming.

Popped to my local place.  

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On 05/10/2020 at 16:14, catpuccino said:

Got about 400g of this left, a tricky one to tame but makes a very lively almost funky sweet espresso with a strong almond nutty finish. It pairs exceptionally well with milk.

Really nice with milk.

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On 05/10/2020 at 15:14, catpuccino said:

Got about 400g of this left, a tricky one to tame but makes a very lively almost funky sweet espresso with a strong almond nutty finish. It pairs exceptionally well with milk.

'Oh he knows his stuff, I like the sound of that, checks website, sees price...girlfriend asks what I'm looking at, NOTHING BABE!, destroys laptop'.

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A big cup of Seattle's finest*

Not really. Enjoying this rave coffee very much, liking the citrus sweetness of it.


*There must be better coffee in Seattle, it has been 18 years since I went



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Finally got round to trying Uncle Funka [emoji108][emoji108] strange but moreish 
Wow... I like the new bags. Ive not had extract stuff for, I dunno, like 5 years or something. They had a killer version of funka and strangelove back then.

Been a while since I've posted, but just drinking a v60 of this weeks in my mug and its absolutely delightful; I feel like I've not had a kenyan in a very long time, and this one is hitting all the trad Kenyan profiles- lots of blackcurrant (though not as prominent as some I've had before), citrus and a little tea. Really good stuff.

In other news- my gaggia classic is once more in need of some work; the steam valve is knackered, won't screw in anymore. Means I can still make spro and flats but that I have to hold the valve down while brewing/waiting for steam to heat up... I will say switching the steam off is faster because of it though, so I've strangely been getting better results with milk.

I will get round to sorting it at some point but I need to grab a bolt extraction kit cos I've done that thing that it seems a great number of people do and snapped the bolt heads trying to get the valve off (this was so I could fit a new seal a few months ago, which sufficed to say didnt happen).

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CraftHouse's Mexican 'Guadalupe Zaju', washed then barrel-aged in old bourbon casks. 16g aeropress brew this morning was a bit meh, with no detectable influence from the cask finishing. Disappointing first brew from what I hoped would be a tolerably interesting washed bean. Will tweak it and try again but otherwise it'll be back to naturals.

At the other end of the funkometer was their Costa Rican 'Don Alfonso' natural that I finished yesterday. Bit of a boozy, liquoricey tia maria thing going on. Was lovely and reminded me of Horsham's El Mirrador from last year (missed this year's) but with more chew. Wish I'd bought another bag.

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