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We have them tiles in the kitchen round the cooker area, just makes me think of the tube or train station.

I don't pick anything for the house I don't care which is a constant fall back point for the lady when looking for a dig, not caring, don't give a sh** etc but I can't argue as its true. House is a shell to me thats all.

One condition I had when we looked bought was "you can do what you like with it but my stereo and speakers go where I like. The rest is all yours to do as you please". She's down with that until she wants an opinion on the decorating, or layout or something and wants me to show interest which I can't at all.


I have however now expanded my horizons not only laying claim to the important positioning of stereo and speakers in the front room for obvious best stereo imaging etc but also claimed a good area of the kitchen for my man coffee cave.

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Daterra Laurina




Down at least as fine as a pacamara grind now.

Very light mouthfeel fresh bit sweet and low acid orange like soft ripe tangerine, like really ripe where you'd have to be careful when you peel it as the fruits so soft and sweet. Finishing with a round darker choc feel.

Still no cinnamon though :(


Surpringly light and fresh mouth on it which while very pleasant I think I prefer a little more depth and mouthfeel on a spro. Just really liking those deep syrupy ones at moment.

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It's hitting some sort of brew next Bootsy just not sure which. If i can get a decent one made from the spro tasting this one is gonna make a lovely refreshing summer cup.


..........I just need to get somewhere and buy a pour over of one type or another haha, but it's something I have been planning to do for about a month so all good. Leave it with me :)

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I'm.. uh... drinking the Colombian Campo Alegre from Papercup as a spro. As a spro! from the EK!


My first few attempts met with failure, as pulling my usual shots let to an undesirably powdery mouthfeel which I assume is something to do with the roasting process. However this morning I ran out of my lovely Ethiopian from Love Coffee and with the absence of anything else old enough to easily put through the EK I decided to give this another shot.


18g in, 38g out over 30s (10s of that is pre-infusion).


And well - it's drinkable. Pleasant even - it has a nice sweetness to it and it tastes like your typical washed caturra. Happy to wake up to this.

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While the cold brew is filtering........


Extract - Wahana Longberry Esp


Was a little cautious on my tamp for some reason but a little harder next time....



In my mouth



TREATS!!!! Left with the liquorice lingering to massively.


Bit more blackcurrant to come from these babies yet I reckon thick, syrupy mouth. Right up my street. Sweeties in a spro!

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Ok just had a small glass of my first attempt at a coffee cold brew.

Used the last 130g of the Tanzania Tweega a slightly darker roast than I expected to a one litre of water. Steeped 16hrs in the fridge. Then filtered twice.


It's rather nice and any roasty edge has gone to become a very sweet rounded chocolate. Cold brews it seems really do bring out the sweetness over the longer period.

Next time I'll go for 24hrs I reckon to compare only as what I have ended up with is very nice anyway.


Will shortly be attempting one of those Swedish coffee lemonades Jeebsy linked me to and have a feeling it could be a hit.


Proper coffee day today, most excellent!

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