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OK  Frank from Ferrari Espresso has these back in stock and one arrived today.  Looks simple enough,  just need to work out where to drill the holes. 

Posted Images

In engineering half a mm is a lot, do you know anyone who could measure the component for you? (if it [email protected] for 13 mm 12.5 will not do) How do you propose to hold it to drill it out ?

Unless held in a vice and using a pillar drill it will probably bite /snatch and fly off!!! You could try holding the drill in a vice and rotating the nipple held in a socket to slowly/ gently "reamer" it out.

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Finally had a go today, after everything had arrived. I drilled out the nipple using the 12.5mm bit, testing for depth with the new wand. I cut the same off either end as above - one thread from the thin, and two from the fat.

It took a while to manipulate the pipework, and I ended up with a different shape to the others! I only put pfte tape on the wand to nipple joint, not on the pipe to nipple. Not sure why, but no problems so far!

All tested and working well - looks great too!







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It seems pretty good to me - but I've only been using it for the afternoon. There are some tiny little dents, but nothing major. I think the photos look worse than it is.

I'll be installing a PID with steam alarm in the next few days, so that should provide a boost too. I wonder if I could replace the brass pipe with a flexible plumbing type hose?

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Oh great stuff, glad you managed it!! :-) I wouldn't worry about the pipe if it's working ok, once you put the lid on you'll soon forget what it looks like. How long did it take you all in? I spent ages on the pipe, it was a pain getting it to the shape I needed but I just kept persisting. Also did you use a biro whilst making the bends?

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That's probably why it looks a mess! I used a small vice and an adjustable spanner to grip the pipe and bend it.

The wand moves freely, but stays where you put it - if that makes sense? I wasn't sure how tight to screw the fixing - I didn't want to damage anything. It feels a lot stiffer than my old silvia wand.

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Yes that makes sense, mine's the same. Oh so you actually went from the v2 to the v3, that's interesting I'm sure you'll get some questions about that. When making lattes/cappuccinos now I actually do the milk before making the espresso. I tried it both ways after changing the wand from the panarello and I found the wand produces a much more powerful steam that way, really swirls the milk and gets a vortex going. Then I purge the grouphead of excess steam and make my double shot. Works for me

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I probably wait a minute or more before pulling the shot as I heat my cups then and put the grounds in and tamp. The milk stays hot and the microfoam stays put if its done right so there's really no rush on making the espresso immediately. I've not noticed any taste difference on the espresso as I usually have a sip before adding the milk. Have a go see what you think. I also let the boiler heat up for a good 5 minutes maybe more before steaming

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The replacement from Mark arrived today, and I managed to find an old biro!

I took my time, made much more gradual adjustments and eased the new pipe into place. It looks perfect, with hardly a mark and certainly no kinks this time!

However... After putting it all back together I found the connection at the top of the pipe didn't hold up to the pressure going through the wand and leaked steam along with a few dribbles of water. Not good! :(

After taking it all apart again, and making sure the pipework was seated perfectly, it was still leaking...! Grr. Started hunting on eBay for a Teflon washer to add into the top, but then found one buried deep inside the bottom part of the first copped pipe I'd used (there were actually two of them deep in there). Hooked it out and fitted it to the top of the new pipe and all is good and sealed.

The steam power, pid assisted, is now awesome! :)

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